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Political Prisoner Barrett Brown Has Email Access Blocked by the Bureau of Prisons

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I’ve been writing about Barrett Brown for over two years now. The first time I published about his plight was on January 3, 2013 in the post: Barrett Brown: A Jailed American Dissident.

Since Barrett was arrested in September 2012, he has undergone an incredible degree of harassment at the hands of the feds, which are quite frankly not just exacting revenge on him, but also demonstrating how terrified they are of his capability, determination and courage. They want to lock this guy up and throw away the key, which is precisely what they initially tried to do by threatening him with over a century in prison.

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Barrett Brown: A Jailed American Dissident

If you watched the excellent Anonymous documentary We are Legion, you will be familiar with Barrett Brown.  The interview below is from March 2011, but I found it really interesting since in it Barrett cryptically discusses his potential future arrest; an event that ultimately took place in September 2012.  When asked about him being targeted for arrest he states amusingly:

I mean Texans and indictments…it’s like a Texas Bar Mitzvah.  My dad was indicted, you know, I have friends that have been indicted, have gone to prison…it happens.

There is a Free Barrett Brown twitter account if you have any interest in following his story further.

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