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The Dissident Dad – Teaching Children to Save in a 0% World

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At the age of 5, I clearly remember walking into my local Bank of America to open up my first savings account. It was almost a thrill, receiving my small, beige deposit book, where my father noted the first entry: $260.

I had found a wallet on the floor of a hotel about 6 months prior to that. After no one claimed it, the hotel mailed me a check. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always had an interest in finance, but opening up that first savings account is one of my earliest memories. It ended up helping me to become a disciplined saver from an early age.

Moving along, in the late 1990s, I remember opening up a 1-year CD at 6% when I was barely an adult. Looking back, depositing money at a bank made sense at the time. Fast forward to today, and I don’t think teaching my children to store their money in a bank is prudent, or even a smart thing to do.

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American Dependency: A Food Stamp Micro-Doc

My friend Dan at Future Money Trends has just put together a fantastic micro-documentary on the rise of our food stamp nation and the far reaching consequences to society. From the art of selling excess food stamp dollars at the end of each month, to JP Morgan profiting from the program as a line of business, this video covers it all. I’ve written about food stamps on several occasions, and have highlighted how they are merely a way to boost corporate profits at the taxpayers expense. More corporate welfare and crony capitalism. My three most popular articles on food stamps are below:

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AMAZING. The USDA Has Partnered with the Mexican Government to Encourage Food Stamp Participation 

Now check out the video.

New World War 3 Simulation by Future Money Trends

My friend Dan Ameduri put together this short, highly effective and entertaining World War 3 video simulation.  40k views in two days…impressive.  Watch, enjoy and share!