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Next Generation Drones to be Equipped with Lasers

Time magazine is out with a heartwarming story about how the next generation of drones, or as some like to call them “freedom birds,” may be equipped with lasers.  Although most Americans don’t realize it, our skies are already filled with drones as I pointed out in my piece last week titled  Drones in America?  They are Already Here…

From Time:

But folks at General Atomics are getting increasingly excited by the HELLADS — the High Energy Liquid Laser Defense System. It is designed to shrink a flying laser into a package small enough to cram onto an aircraft.

“It would give us an unlimited magazine,” says one person close to the program. There’s talk that it could be fielded within five years.

In other words, an unmanned aircraft could not only give U.S. forces a so-called “persistent presence” overhead, it wouldn’t have to return to base after firing its pair of missiles for lack of additional firepower.

Just wait until you have a laser armed drone over your head targeting you for not paying your ObamaCare tax.  Mission Accomplished!

To add insult to injury, watch General Atomics video promoting these things.  Killing really is just a video game to these guys.

Full article here.

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Who is Gary Johnson and Why is the GOP So Mad at Him?

I had the opportunity to see Gary Johnson speak for the first time this past Monday at a campaign event at the University of Colorado Boulder.  I was completely blown away by the crowd, which was beyond standing room only.  It was so packed people were sitting in the aisles and they had to turn people away.  I was very impressed by what the former Government of New Mexico had to say as well as his down to earth demeanor.  Here are a couple of photos from the event.

While we are on the topic, I read a great article on Mr. Johnson from Time titled: Who Is Gary Johnson? And Why Is the GOP So Mad at Him?  Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

Johnson isn’t one of those incapable, extremist, wacky, millionaire third-party candidates. He is extremist: he wants to abolish the IRS, legalize marijuana and allow the private sector to create competing currencies. Sure, he’s a little wacky: he’s finished 75 triathlons, climbed Mount Everest eight weeks after breaking his leg in a skiing accident and crashed while paragliding. And yeah, he’s a millionaire: in 1999 he got $10 million for a handyman business he started his junior year of college and built into a 1,000-employee construction firm.

But he’s capable. As a Republican, he won two terms as governor of New Mexico with no prior political experience, eliminating the deficit and creating a surplus before leaving office in 2003 with high approval ratings—which he recovered after dipping 30 points when he talked about drug legalization. “Ron Paul is a social conservative,” he says. “I’m not. Ron Paul would talk about legalizing marijuana, but he’s never smoked marijuana.”

His running mate, Jim Gray, a former California Superior Court judge whom Johnson met at a drug-legalization conference, says Johnson often seems to lack ego. “He said to me, ‘If, during the campaign, you have different ideas than I do, feel free to say that publicly.’”

As I’ve said before, he’s got my vote.

Read the entire Time article here.

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