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Edward Snowden Speaking Live Now at SXSW – Watch it Here

Edward Snowden will be speaking at 12 EST in Austin, Texas at SXSW.

This is his first live public speaking engagement since he came forward last year as one of the most famous whistleblowers in history.

Since the event is now over, I have replaced the lifestream with a recording of the talk. Enjoy.


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Federal Judge: Texas School Can Force Teenager to Wear Locator Chip

I covered this case a couple of months ago in my post The “Electronic Concentration Camp” – Girl Expelled from School for Refusing RFID Chip.  It seems we now finally have a ruling.  Chalk this one up for the fascists.  The answer to such absurdity seems to be homeschooling.  Public schools don’t seem to be teaching our kids much anyway and now they want to track them like animals.  Enough is enough.  From Reuters:

(Reuters) – A public school district in Texas can require students to wear locator chips when they are on school property, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday in a case raising technology-driven privacy concerns among liberal and conservative groups alike.

U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia said the San Antonio Northside School District had the right to expel sophomore Andrea Hernandez, 15, from a magnet school at Jay High School, because she refused to wear the device, which is required of all students.

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Debut Radio Interview with Blacklisted News.com!

Despite being bedridden most of the day with an awful cold, I fought through it to record my longest interview ever.  It was with the excellent radio host and webmaster of blacklistednews.com, Doug Owen.  The entire show is two hours, but I come in halfway through…enjoy the ride!