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Official in Charge of Guidelines for British Internet Porn Filters Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Last summer, I wrote an article titled: How Internet in the UK is “Sleepwalking into Censorship.” That post detailed how plans in the UK to unveil default internet filters, sold to the public under the guise of “blocking child porn” and all sorts of other unethical and illegal activities, would actually provide a backdoor to censoring the internet.

Well it turns out it is even worse than that. Apparently, Patrick Rock, an official who helped draw up guidelines on Internet porn filters, has been arrested for child porn. You can’t make this stuff up.

From Raw Story:

A senior aide to British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned after being arrested on suspicion of child pornography offenses, Downing Street confirmed Monday.

Patrick Rock, 62, was arrested by officers from the National Crime Agency last month.

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IKEA Recalls Almond Cake After Finding Fecal Bacteria

You thought horse meatballs were bad?  You haven’t seen anything yet.  The iconic Swedish furniture store, where apparently some people buy groceries, has been forced to recall a batch of its almond cakes in 23 countries “after Chinese authorities said they contained coliform bacteria, normally present in fecal matter.”  You know it’s bad when China calls you out on your food quality.  From Raw Story:

Swedish furniture giant Ikea pulled a batch of almond cakes from its restaurants in 23 countries on Tuesday after Chinese authorities said they contained coliform bacteria, normally present in faecal matter.

The Swedish-made cakes had failed tests “for containing an excessive level of coliform bacteria, according to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine,” the Shanghai Daily website wrote.

Ikea said 1,800 Taarta Chokladkrokant cakes — described on its website as an almond cake with chocolate, butter cream and butterscotch — were destroyed in December after being intercepted by Chinese customs.

God Aptit!

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