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The Trouble With Chris Christie by Chris Hedges

Christie is the caricature of a Third World despot. He has a vicious temper, a propensity to bully and belittle those weaker than himself, an insatiable thirst for revenge against real or perceived enemies, and little respect for the law and, as recent events have made clear, for the truth.

– Chris Hedges in his latest article: The Trouble with Chris Christie

Chris Christie is bad news. I have been saying this for a while now, and published my first post about it back in late July in the piece: Chris Christie Calls Libertarianism a “Dangerous Thought.” There is no doubt in my mind that Christie is a egomaniac with fascist tendencies, coupled with a temperament and consciousness that craves power for the sake of power itself, as well as to stoke his own sense of self-importance.

On that note, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and courageous, American patriot, Chris Hedges, has written an excellent expose of Christie. I have highlighted some excerpts below.

From Truth Dig:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been Wall Street’s anointed son for the presidency. He is backed by the most ruthless and corrupt figures in New Jersey politics, including the New Jersey multimillionaire and hard-line Democratic boss George Norcross III. Among his other supporters are many hedge fund managers and corporate executives and some of the nation’s most retrograde billionaires, including the Koch brothers. The brewing scandal over the closing of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge apparently in retaliation for the Fort Lee mayor’s refusal to support the governor’s 2013 re-election is a window into how federal agencies and the security and surveillance apparatus would be routinely employed in a Christie presidency to punish anyone who challenged this tiny cabal’s grip on power.

Christie is the caricature of a Third World despot. He has a vicious temper, a propensity to bully and belittle those weaker than himself, an insatiable thirst for revenge against real or perceived enemies, and little respect for the law and, as recent events have made clear, for the truth. He is gripped by a bottomless hedonism that includes a demand for private jets, huge entourages, exclusive hotels and lavish meals. Wall Street and the security and surveillance apparatus want a real son of a bitch in power, someone with the moral compass of Al Capone, in order to ruthlessly silence and crush those of us who are working to overthrow the corporate state. They have had enough of what they perceive to be Barack Obama’s softness. Christie fits the profile and he is drooling for the opportunity.

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Romney Admits He Would Act Like a Dictator if Selected President

Have you seen the video clip of Mitt Romney stating he doesn’t need Congressional approval to wage war?  Yep, on Face the Nation, Romney stated:

“I can assure you if I’m President, the Iranians will have no question but that I will be willing to take military action if necessary to prevent them from becoming a nuclear threat to the world.  I don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m President that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity now.”

Well there you have it.  Definitive proof that no matter which puppet is selected (uh, elected) President in November, the shredding of the U.S. Constitution will proceed along as planned.  USA! USA!  Land of the thief, home of the slave.

Watch the latest establishment puppet spew his verbal diarrhea on Face the Nation below.

Rand Paul Runs Away from Luke Rudkowski

You all know I’m a huge fan of this kid Luke from We are Change.  This kid will go up to any elitist anywhere and put them on the spot with tough questions.  Balls of steel.  Up until now I have held back on commentary of Rand Paul’s pretty despicable endorsement of Mitt Romney.  Until now.

The way Rand evades Luke in this video is truly pathetic.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Rand, even though I think his father is one of the greatest and bravest Americans of our era.  I have suspected all year that it was Rand who convinced his dad not to run third party.  He put his own political ambitions ahead of the country then and I believe he has done so again.  Furthermore, I think he was promised something by the establishment Republicans that they will never deliver on.  Or even if they did give him the VP slot (which I doubt), that would be a loss for all of us, since the VP has no power and as such his message (if he really has one) would be neutered.  Only time will tell, but I think he was tricked and played for a fool.  In doing so he has played all of us liberty focused Americans as fools as well.

Nice work Rand.  Seems you are enjoying D.C. after all, which is “Hollywood for ugly people.”  Settling in nicely I see.

Watch the video here.

Ron Paul Republicans take over Nevada GOP

Although it is now clear to everyone that the Republican establishment was never going to allow Ron Paul anywhere near the nomination, the more important thing is that the Liberty movement that he helped spark all across this land continues to take off.  The ideas that define this movement; such as an end to crony capitalism, an awareness of the dangers and theft of the Federal Reserve, less centralization, an end to unnecessary wars and most importantly a defense at all costs of the Bill of Rights are all popular ideas and will only become more so in the years ahead.  The Republican Party as it stands today is a dinosaur waiting to go extinct, just like the Democratic Party, which pretty much no one even knows what the heck it even pretends to stand for anymore.  Romney is an empty suit, just like his bankster puppet buddy Obama.  The American people are becoming more aware of the sham two-party system every single day and we should all be celebrating this fact.

This article below from RT really shows how far all of us in the Liberty movement have come.  Interesting things are happening in Nevada and Washington state…and indeed all over the country as brushfires are set in the minds of men and women from coast to coast.

Key Quotes:
In Nevada, Paul’s support has taken over the local GOP with such strength that almost all Romney supporters working for the state Republican Party office have resigned. On May 15, Paul supporters in the state’s biggest district, Clark County, passed a resolution that led to RNC chairman Reince Priebus stepping down and with it ended RNC support of the state office. Since the vote, other Romney backers have walked away and Team Nevada, as they call themselves, is now almost entirely staffed by Paul supporters.

During the state convention, Paul’s delegates secured 22 of the 28 spots set aside for the RNC in Tampa. Across the country, though, the establishment is threatening to step in to ensure that the Paul campaign cannot stage a coup, even a legal one. Earlier this month, GOP National Chairman Michael McDonald told NPR, “The State Party had lost focus and suffered from a distinct lack of execution for some time now.”

On Friday, Republicans in the state of Washington will decide on delegates to send to the RNC in Tampa, and the Seattle Times reports that very morning that support for the Texas congressman continues to raise problems for the Romney campaign.

“[T]ake a look around,” Matt Dublin, a Paul organizer, told an audience in Tacoma during Friday morning’s convention. Pointing out his fellow supporters of Rep. Paul, Dublin said, “They are the future of our party and they are not going to go away.”

Full article here.