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Meet Stingray Surveillance: The “Unconstitutional, All-You-Can-Eat Data Buffet”

It’s getting impossible to keep track of all the new spy tools being rolled out by the police state in the name of “fighting terrorism”, aka spying on innocent American citizens unconstitutionally.  I thought that I had my hands full the other day with ARGUS: The World’s Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform, but this “Stingray” system is already being deployed illegally in cities throughout the United States.  As the EFF states: “The Stingray is the digital equivalent of the pre-revolutionary British soldier.”  From the EFF:

The device, which acts as a fake cell phone tower, essentially allows the government to electronically search large areas for a particular cell phone’s signal—sucking down data on potentially thousands of innocent people along the way. At the same time, law enforcement has attempted use them while avoiding many of the traditional limitations set forth in the Constitution, like individualized warrants. This is why we called the tool “an unconstitutional, all-you-can-eat data buffet.”

Recently, LA Weekly reported the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) got a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant in 2006 to buy a stingray. The original grant request said it would be used for “regional terrorism investigations.” Instead LAPD has been using it for just about any investigation imaginable.

Of course, we’ve seen this pattern over and over and over. The government uses “terrorism” as a catalyst to gain some powerful new surveillance tool or ability, and then turns around and uses it on ordinary citizens, severely infringing on their civil liberties in the process.

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Tam’s Burgers: Just Another Small Business Killed by Bureaucracy

As I noted yesterday in my article, FCC Rule Change Would Favor Big Media, the trend here in America is to push small and medium sized businesses into bankruptcy one way or the other to allow further monopoly control of all aspect of life to the mega corporations.  This is intentional, and your “representatives” in D.C. are fully on board as they are entirely in the pockets of said companies.  Meanwhile HSBC is caught laundering money for drug cartels and major banks of rigging LIBOR and they get a slap on the wrist.  Full spectrum corruption.

Watch this 5 minute video to see the sad story of how the “authorities” in a Los Angeles community treated a small business owner and forced him to close shop.