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Jay Taylor Talks Gold and Miners: What Happens in a Recession?

What stands before us is one of the most interesting setups in gold and silver I have ever seen.  Not only is sentiment by far the worst I have witnessed in the past several years, but positioning is also the most favorable according to the latest CFTC Commitment of Traders Report (COT).  So we have a very bullish setup; the best since the crisis in my view.  On that note, here’s an update from Jay Taylor!

Interview Two with Wall Street for Main Street: Look for Capitulation

Everyone is talking about the bloodbath in the miners, but if you’ve stayed in the space this long, or are just waiting on the sidelines, this seems to be the time for a clear head and to be on the lookout for capitulation.  While I don’t spend as much time on the markets these days, today’s action felt panicky and sentiment is close to what you’d expect to see near lows.  I recorded this interview yesterday and we discussed all of the above and more.  Enjoy!

The Number One Reason to Buy Gold: An Interview with Marin Katusa

In a world where many gold investors are suffering from confusion and frustration, and where mining investors are almost at the breaking point, my friend Dan Ameduri has brought to us an interview with Casey Research’s Marin Katusa.  For those interested in separating the winners from the losers in junior mining, Marin also offers one of his favorite names in the space.  Enjoy!