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You Can Now Buy Bud for Bitcoin in Washington State

Bitcoin and bud are a match made in liberty heaven. They are perfect examples of things people want, but that the state thinks is their job to “protect” you from. Two inevitable forces, two civil rights issues. Bitcoin can help the nascent legal marijuana business, and the marijuana business can help Bitcoin. I wrote a piece all about this last month, which I suggest reading titled: How Bitcoin Could Serve the Marijuana Industry as Banks Remain Too Scared to Enter.

Now from Coindesk:

Medical marijuana dispensary Kouchlock Productions, which opened on Monday February 3, began accepting bitcoin for its wares this week. The dispensary, based in Spokane, is said to already have sold the drug in several bitcoin transactions.

While medical mariijuana dispensaries are legal in the state, they are still federally illegal, which makes it difficult for them to process credit cards. This makes bitcoin a useful alternative for them.

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Privacy Focused Storage Device “Plug” Raises Over $350,000 on Kickstarter in Five Days

I’m not sure that the NSA would find great interest in analyzing my life and conversations. However I do like the idea of being protected and of having control. And I love the idea that Plug can bring this control back to non-geek people.

– Severin Marcombes, CEO of Cloud Guys, maker of “Plug”

One of the most exciting trends to have emerged in 2013, is the explosion of extremely smart, privacy focused entrepreneurs creating products that will ultimately free us from the oppressive, centralized state humanity has been forced to live under for so long. Whether we are talking about the efforts of Kim Dotcom, DuckDuckGo, Xmission, or Cloud Guys, this trend is hear to stay and makes me extremely optimistic about the future.

Every single macro trend I see on the planet at the moment seems to be pushing us toward decentralization, such as Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, 3D-printing, alternative media and crowd funding sources such as Kickstarter. The future looks very bright once we forever shed the shackles of centralized power and brute force. From the Huffington Post:

Support for a data-storage device that could potentially combat the government’s data-collection surveillance program known as PRISM has skyrocketed online. In just two days, the developers have received more than $200,000 in donations via Kickstarter.

As I mentioned, this number is now up to $365,000. The initial goal was $69,000, which was achieved in 12 hours.

Plug is a small USB adapter that can store and transfer all content without the need for the Cloud or third-party services. The device, which has been in development for two years, was created by the brains at Cloud Guys Corporation, a start-up company based in Colorado.

Go Colorado!

With Plug, all storage is private, and files are not uploaded to the Cloud, the group explains. No external company is involved, and nothing is sent to a server. Communication between devices is encrypted for added security, and website developers can use Plug for storage.

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Is Obama Close to Waging War on Legalized Pot?

I believe that election day 2012 will go down in U.S. history as an extremely important event.  No, not because in its national apathy the citizens re-elected a crony capitalist puppet as President.  Rather, because it was the day when two states overwhelmingly rejected the Federal Prohibition on marijuana.  Of course, I am referring to Amendment 64 in Colorado and Initiative 502 in Washington State, which legalize pot for recreational use.

Upon its passage, I wrote a piece titled: Colorado Legalizes Marijuana: Your Move Eric Holder.  I knew right away that the Federales would not be pleased by this law.  I also knew that, contrary to popular myth, Obama isn’t “liberal” in any sense of the word and in fact he has demonstrated highly authoritarian characteristics throughout his Presidency and an uncanny willingness to lie repeatedly.  So I assumed his reaction would be aggressive, because for him this issue isn’t about marijuana, but rather Federal (his own) power versus the power of his “subjects.”

We learn from the New York Times that the administration is indeed looking to get tough:

WASHINGTON — Senior White House and Justice Department officials are considering plans for legal action against Colorado and Washington that could undermine voter-approved initiatives to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in those states, according to several people familiar with the deliberations.  

Some law enforcement officials, alarmed at the prospect that marijuana users in both states could get used to flouting federal law openly, are said to be pushing for a stern response.

The Obama administration declined to comment on the deliberations, but pointed to a statement the Justice Department issued on Wednesday — the day before the initiative took effect in Washington — in the name of the United States attorney in Seattle, Jenny A. Durkan. She warned Washington residents that the drug remained illegal.

So what are the Federales considering?

One option is for federal prosecutors to bring some cases against low-level marijuana users of the sort they until now have rarely bothered with, waiting for a defendant to make a motion to dismiss the case because the drug is now legal in that state.

A more aggressive option is for the Justice Department to file lawsuits against the states to prevent them from setting up systems to regulate and tax marijuana, as the initiatives contemplated.

Another potential avenue would be to cut off federal grants to the states unless their legislatures restored anti-marijuana laws, said Gregory Katsas, who led the civil division of the Justice Department during the George W. Bush administration.

This is going to be an incredible drama to watch unfold, and in many ways I wouldn’t mind seeing Obama get aggressive on this issue because it will be such a huge political blunder.  Not only was the vote overwhelming in favor of legalization in my state of Colorado (55% voted yes and it received more votes that Obama did in the state), but a very high percentage of Democrats support legalization and does he really want to start off his second term by marginalizing the remaining supporters he hasn’t already as a result of his horrible track record on civil liberties, banker bailouts and aggressive foreign policy?  It’s not just Democrats though.  A Rasmussen poll in May showed that 56% of those surveyed nationwide were in favor of legalization.  Obama would just be fighting the inevitably culturally, protecting Mexican drug cartel profits and in the end just look like a fool.

Even more than a States rights versus Federal power issue, this is about democracy versus authoritarianism.  Obama pushing back hard on the will of the people will only further expose the sham that is his Presidency for more to see.

I also discussed this issue on my recent appearance of Capital Account, which you can watch here.

Full New York Times article is here.

In Liberty,

Bring it On: Battle Looms with the United Nations Over Pot Legalization

A couple of weeks ago, following Colorado and Washington’s historic vote to become the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, I wrote a piece titled Colorado Legalizes Marijuana: Your Move Eric Holder, which subsequently went viral.  At the time, I had only anticipated a battle with the Feds, but now the most useless and corrupt organization on the planet has weighed in – the United Nations.

The head of the UN drug watchdog (the International Narcotics Control Board or INCB), Raymond Yans, has come out in a press release essentially instructing the Attorney General of the United States to enforce Federal Prohibition of pot against the rights of the states to implement a law that is not only Constitutional, but a perfect example of a free people deciding what they want for themselves.

Perhaps that is why the United Nations is so panicky about the legislation in Colorado and Washington.  The organization consists of a bunch of global government craving control freak bureaucrats, and as such I welcome this battle as an opportunity to marginalize it further and expose them for the undemocratic creeps they really are.  Anyone remember the massive corruption within the UN’s Oil for Food Program?  I wouldn’t let these clowns shine my shoes let alone decide what every citizen in every corner of the planet can put into their own bodies.

From the UN press release:

VIENNA, 15 November (UN Information Service) – The President of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), Raymond Yans, has voiced grave concern about the outcome of recent referenda in the United States of America that would allow the non-medical use of cannabis by adults in the states of Colorado and Washington, and in some cities in the states of Michigan and Vermont. Mr. Yans stated that “these developments are in violation of the international drug control treaties, and pose a great threat to public health and the well-being of society far beyond those states”.

He went on to further state that for the international drug control system to function effectively, to achieve its aim of ensuring availability of drugs for medical purposes while preventing their abuse, the conventions must be universally adhered to and implemented by all States. In this regard, Mr. Yans stressed that national laws, policies and practices in drug abuse prevention and control should be fully aligned with the conventions.

The INCB President requested the Government of the United States to take the necessary measures to ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties within the entire territory of the United States, in order to protect the health and well-being of its citizens.

The full press release is here.  It’s one page, I suggest you read it.  Such an intense concentration of hyperbole, panic and propaganda could only be created by the United Nations.

In Liberty,

SWAT Team with Assault Rifles Descends on Colorado Town to Evict Woman from Home

This video is mind-boggling and really puts into perspective the extent of our descent into third world/police state status.  After being denied a 60 day extension from U.S. Bank regarding her eviction, Sarah Donahue of Idaho Springs, Colorado and members of local activists groups engaged in a non-violent demonstration outside of her home.  They were met by a SWAT team heavily armed with assault rifles.  As you watch this video you have to ask yourself; does this look more like the America we used to live in or more like a war-torn city in Afghanistan?  By the way, where is John Corzine?

RNC Chairman Calls Gary Johnson a “Non-Factor”

So during an interview on CNN, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Gary Johnson a “non-factor” in the upcoming Presidential election and also stated that voters would be smart enough not to “throw their vote away” by voting for a 3rd party candidate.  This man’s extreme arrogance is just further proof of how the Republican Party really feels about Libertarians.  A non-factor Mr. Priebus?  We shall see about that.  You just lit a fire under this Colorado voter.

To watch the interview click here.

I previously addressed the Gary Johnson issue and the “throwing your vote away” concept in my article titled Meet Gary Johnson: The Libertarian for President Polling at 7% in Colorado.

In Liberty,