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Dogs in England Must Have Microchips by 2016

Nice work England.  After all, why should anyone have the right to make any decisions of their own anymore?  I’m just surprised NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t come up with this plan first.  Today it will be animals, tomorrow it will be people.  This stinks of a conditioning program to me.  For example, one of the main reasons cited for this is that: “Microchipping is a simple solution that gives peace of mind to owners.”  Wouldn’t chipping children give also give peace of mind to parents?  My issue isn’t that people may want to use this technology, but they should not be forced to by law.  Apparently, the fine for not chipping your dog with be $800.  Is this a per year amount, or will they charge you $800 when caught and then take your dog and chip it?  This is extremely disturbing.  From CBS News:

All dogs in England will have to be fitted with microchips by 2016, authorities said, meaning that canines across the country will be chasing cars with a tiny circuit embedded in the back of their necks.

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