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Gold and Silver Update: Interview with David Morgan and Amir Adnani

In this interview, we are fortunate enough to get detailed perspectives on what is going on in the precious metals markets from two experts in the field.  Wearing the analyst’s hat, we have the highly respected David Morgan who fills us in on his latest observations as well as how he thinks investors should split capital between physical metals and the mining shares.  From the mining industry, we have Amir Adnani, CEO of Uranium Energy Corp and Chairman of Brazil Resources.  He explains how both of these companies have been aggressive in making acquisitions over the past couple of years in this depressed market, moves that will set them up for outsized performance once the market turns around and prices begin to reflect fundamentals.  A really great two-part interview.  Enjoy!

When it Comes to Gold Miners it’s About: “Management, Management, Management”

There’s a reason people listen to Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Strategist for Casey Research.  That reason is a breath taking track record identifying huge opportunities in the junior resources sector.  In this excellent interview, Marin explains how it’s all about management when it comes to small precious metals miners.  He also points out how many management teams out there simply dilute shareholders into oblivion by issuing more and more equity.  Finally, he shares his top pick in the space, which he believes represents phenomenal upside at these levels.  A must listen for anyone interested in this space.  Enjoy!

Jay Taylor Talks Gold and Miners: What Happens in a Recession?

What stands before us is one of the most interesting setups in gold and silver I have ever seen.  Not only is sentiment by far the worst I have witnessed in the past several years, but positioning is also the most favorable according to the latest CFTC Commitment of Traders Report (COT).  So we have a very bullish setup; the best since the crisis in my view.  On that note, here’s an update from Jay Taylor!

The Number One Reason to Buy Gold: An Interview with Marin Katusa

In a world where many gold investors are suffering from confusion and frustration, and where mining investors are almost at the breaking point, my friend Dan Ameduri has brought to us an interview with Casey Research’s Marin Katusa.  For those interested in separating the winners from the losers in junior mining, Marin also offers one of his favorite names in the space.  Enjoy!