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“Serfdom is the New Normal” – Talkin’ Oligarch Blues with Perpetual Assets

“Oligarchs like protecting themselves from peasants…”

– Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets

The guys at Perpetual Assets are not only fellow warriors in the struggle against oligarchy and fascism in the USSA, they are also friends. It’s been great getting to know them over the years, and working with them in this existential struggle we face.

The way in which they have chosen to make a difference is in hard-asset protection, which is why they started the company. With civil asset forfeiture currently in the spotlight, it’s worth remembering that there has been a marked rise not just in occurrences of civil asset forfeiture, but also in scope.  Any asset that you do not control is potentially at risk. One of the ways in which Perpetual Assets tries to help in this regard is to jailbreak your retirement account through an LLC IRA, with which you can even take home delivery of gold and silver bullion. Check out their tutorial on the process here.

Moving along, I think the following interview is one of the best I’ve ever done. It was more a discussion than anything else, and the range of topics discussed is incredibly expansive. From moats around the White House, to agent provocateurs. From the feasibility of anarchy, to the precious metals market. It has it all. Enjoy!

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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My Latest Interview with Financial Survival Network – Creating a Decentralized World

Creating an ever connected, yet increasingly decentralized world is no easy task. Nevertheless, it is something I believe humanity must do in order to traverse the current challenging times and come out the other side better off than before.

Yesterday, I highlighted what I believe is an extremely important article on the worker co-op movement. Earlier in the week, I sat down with Kerry Lutz of Financial Survival Network to discuss everything from Bitcoin and crony capitalism, to marijuana legalization and local food.

You can listen to the interview here. Enjoy!

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My Latest Interview with “Wall Street for Main Street” – Technology, Bitcoin and the U.S. Economy

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to record another podcast with Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street. This is the first interview I’ve done in a little while, and it went quite a bit longer than either of us expected. I always enjoy doing these podcasts, as it allows me to express myself in a different format and explore topics I don’t have a chance to get to in my writings.

I’ve already heard excellent feedback on this one, let me know what you think.



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My Recent Webinar with TF Metals Report

It’s been a little while since I joined the always witty and entertaining Turd Ferguson of TF Metals Report for an interview. Last week, we sat down and conducted a webinar where the site’s premium subscribers we able to ask me on the spot questions on pretty much any topic they could think of. It was a really fun format for me and I think regular readers will really get a kick out of it.

A Chat in NYC with Adam Levine – Part 2

His show may be called Let’s Talk Bitcoin, but in this segment we didn’t talk Bitcoin at all! Rather, we focused on the key distinction between protecting “acts of journalism” versus protecting specific “journalists.” We also discuss decentralization, Bradley Manning’s trial, the Amash amendment, and much, much more. I had a lot of great feedback on Part 1, so I know you’ll appreciate this one just as much. Enjoy!


A Chat in NYC with Adam Levine – Part 1

One of the best parts about the Inside Bitcoins Conference in NYC last week was the opportunity to meet so many interesting, dedicated and fascinating minds. Adam Levine, host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin is one of them. This is how I described Adam in my conference summary:

Adam B. Levine – YouTube is Broken
Adam has a quick and interesting mind, one that hits you like a hurricane the moment he starts speaking. I was really excited for his talk, since he was focused on what I think is one of the biggest business problems on the web today. This has to do with the inefficiencies of website monetization. As a guy that runs podcasts, his particular area of concern was youtube. He demonstrated that by placing a QR code within videos to allow bitcoin donations, he was able to earn multiples of what he could via traditional ad networks. This really impressed me, mainly because such a small percentage of the population has ever owned a bitcoin.

The day after the conference Adam and I sat down and recorded a couple of segments. I even took on the role of interviewer for a few of minutes due to his huge knowledge advantage on me re: Bitcoin. I learned quite a bit from him during our chat and I think you will too.

Here is part 1. Enjoy!

Inaugural Interview with Jay Taylor

This past Tuesday, I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by mining analyst, radio show host, liberty lover and all around great guy Jay Taylor. While I had heard of Jay before since we have mutual friends and contacts, I never had the chance to meet Jay until the Liberty Mastermind Conference late last month in Dallas. While Jay normally spends much of his time on financial matters, stocks and gold we focused our time on issues of freedom and civil liberties. We discussed my “awakening” to the fact that the entire financial system is a simply a gigantic magic trick of oligarch theft, as well as my coming to terms with how how my own government manipulated my emotions after the tragedy of 9/11 to instill fear and destroy my civil rights. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy about it.

Click below for more and enjoy!

Interview with Dr. Dave Janda – July 2013: Why Aren’t There More Wall Street Whistleblowers?

This past Sunday, I sat down with the always excellent Dr. Dave Janda for the first time since April. As usual, we had a lively, intellectually stimulating conversation on a wide variety of topics. From why there aren’t more Wall Street whistleblowers, to Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden as a “second generation whistleblower,” whether or not Chief Justice John Roberts has been compromised through black mail, and much, much more.  Enjoy!

Click play below to listen.

New Interview with Gold Money: Tear Down Those Pyramids!

It’s only been a few hours since my interview with Gold Money News’ Félix Moreno was posted to youtube, but I’ve already experienced a flood of positive feedback.  It’s almost impossible to fathom the tremendous ground covered.  We start off discussing some of the more interesting aspects of my time on Wall Street (a topic I rarely discuss) and then move along to how Western retail gold positions are moving over to China, Russia and other savvy buyers.

The big message; however, is a very optimistic view of the future, after we depose of the cancerous forces ruling over us currently.  There is absolutely zero reason to be afraid of the “New World Order.”  It’s here already.  It was set up behind our backs in the shadows, while most of us were firmly asleep in the matrix.  The only thing we need to do now is focus our efforts on dismantling it. Looking into the future, I strongly believe that humanity does not need centralized government. We must move away from the highly pyramidical political structures we have been forced to live under and toward political decentralization.  Decentralization doesn’t mean not being connected to each other.  We can be more connected than ever across the planet via the internet and other modern technological resources.  I also believe our children and our children’s children will look back at our political structures with complete bewilderment, and future generations and historians will view Central Banking as modern day slavery. Enjoy!


Debut Interview with The Nomad Capitalist

I’m very pleased to make available my debut interview with Andrew Henderson of the Nomad Capitalist.  The range of topics discussed here is extensive.  From the IRS scandal, to Bitcoin and gold, to whether or not it makes sense to stick around in the good old USA to fight for liberty.  It’s always enjoyable to meet and engage with new people in the Liberty Movement and then have the opportunity to make the interviews available to my readers.  You’re going to really enjoy this one!

Listen below: