Al Jazeera Presenter to Saudi Ambassador – “Why Support Democracy in Syria but Not Saudi Arabia?”

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This past week, Al Jazeera presenter Mehdi Hasan sat down with Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN. He asked him a very pointed question regarding why he supports democracy in Syria but not in Saudi Arabia.

It’s a great question, and let’s just say the answer was not at all convincing.

Too much media these days merely serves as public relations for the status quo. What Mr. Hasan does in this interview is exactly what journalists are supposed to be doing, but very rarely do in these United States:

Speak truth to power. 

Well done Mr. Hasan. The entire interview can be watched here.

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Michael Krieger

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  1. what a hilarious interview. ‘there is , it’s called voting’. who gives a fuck about saudi arabia. democracy is a meme used to spread war, the u.s. shoved democracy up the ass of iraq ‘to make it better ‘, and millions died.

    syria needs democracy? no it’s does’t. and nor does saudi arabia.

    you know who needs democracy but doesn’t have it, except in name only?
    the usa and europe.

  2. Can’t see BBC allowing such a forthright interview unless the SNP was being slated .

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