Who’s the Real Progressive? A Side by Side Comparison of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s Lifetime Donors

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This morning, I came across a tweet that exemplified more than anything else the incredible chasm between genuine progressive Bernie Sanders and the oligarch-coddling, unimaginably corrupt status quo crony, Hillary Clinton. Here’s the tweet:

Now here are the same images in a larger size. Note, these are the career donor figures for these two individuals.

First Hillary:

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Now Bernie:

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Love Bernie Sanders or hate Bernie Sanders, he is indisputably a very different human being compared to Hillary Clinton. There’s simply no overlap between the two when it comes to donors, and you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand that this definitely matters.

To further bring the point home, I turn you to a recent article at the Intercept titled, Hillary Clinton Made More in 12 Speeches to Big Banks Than Most of Us Earn in a Lifetime. Here are a few excerpts:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders this week assailed rival Hillary Clinton for taking large speaking fees from the financial industry since leaving the State Department.

According to public disclosures, by giving just 12 speeches to Wall Street banks, private equity firms, and other financial corporations, Clinton made $2,935,000 from 2013 to 2015:

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Clinton’s most lucrative year was 2013, right after stepping down as secretary of state. That year, she made $2.3 million for three speeches to Goldman Sachs and individual speeches to Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, Apollo Management Holdings, UBS, Bank of America, and Golden Tree Asset Managers.

The following year, she picked up $485,000 for a speech to Deutsche Bank and an address to Ameriprise. Last year, she made $150,000 from a lecture before the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Meanwhile, her husband Bill has been killing it…

The Associated Press notes that during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, Bill Clinton earned $17 million in talks to banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, real estate businesses, and other financial firms. Altogether, the couple are estimated to have made over $139 million from paid speeches.

If you’ve ever heard Hillary speak, you know full well no one would ever pay to see that. Unless they expect a very strong return on investment.

Bearing all of this in mind, it is downright preposterous that Sanders and Clinton could be competing for the Presidential nomination of the same political party. At this point in the post, I’m tempted to make some cliched, overused proclamation that goes like: “The choice is theirs. Does the Democratic Party want to be champions of the middle class and defenders of government by the people and for the people, or does it want to be gatekeepers for an undemocratic and corrupt oligarchy.”

Let’s be honest. This choice was made long ago, and we all know who and what the Democratic Party actually serves. Which brings me to my last point. Take a look at the following quotes from Hillary Clinton.

From the Washington Post:

“I think it’s very dangerous to look at the alternatives and believe that your staying home is a responsible choice,” Clinton said. “It’s hard for me to believe that anybody who would support Senator Sanders would want to see any of the Republicans elected president of the United States.

“I would just ask that when this nomination is wrapped up that they come and join with us to make sure that we don’t turn the White House back over to the Republicans,” she added.

Although this absurd propaganda will undoubtably work wonders on the damaged minds of millions of American voters, the sad truth is that there’s a far greater difference between Hillary Clinton and Sanders than there is between Hillary and whoever will be the Republican nominee.

But hey…

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.09.13 PM

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. I don’t have any use for either Sanders or Clinton. Might as well be picking between Hitler and Stalin.

  2. Altho I supported free trade at the time, I now see it as benefitting only the international(ist) corporations; they over-rule national sovereignity and law, while only keeping down domestic wages and preventing any cohesive labour force opposition.
    In case you forget, or are too young to remember, there was once a thing called The American Dream, which in essence meant being a worker being able to provide a comfortable living for himself and his family, including being able to pay for his childrens’ higher education and at the end of his career have a house he owned outright and some security in savings.
    That dream long ago became a nightmare, beginning with the Reagan era’s trickle-down economics theory that by now any reasonable person will have consigned to the dustbin of history along with communism, and then Bill Clinton’s repealing of anti-trust laws enacted so that the economic meltdown of the 1930’s would never repeat.
    Sure enough, within a few years we had a Wall Street gone amuck and another Democrat, this time Obama, not only letting the criminals walk but paying them off many times more handsomely than even Clinton had done. Which until that time had broke all records for kickback corruption from a political party to their backers.
    Now some Western countries have kicked out the political parties who have been little more than the political wing of the wealthy and their corporations, and we can only hope the pendulum can swing its natural way back to some sanity, thru all the propaganda that has been accepted and advanced by the largest media concerns.
    Hopefully this happens sooner than later in America, before the false narrative of fear-based policies and created bureaucracies of secret police organizations takes outright control. – Is Trump our next Caesar? and the corrupt and bloated body of the American republic destined to repeat the same lesson as the once proud Roman republic?
    Live and learn they say, in order to not repeat history. But in this case I’d say there’s a few bridges to the past that have been burned and that we could rebuild, like the anti-trust legislations brought in by Roosevelt and Truman, while burning down to the ground of common sense others, like the one from Wall Street to the Clinton’s pockets (they get millions a year in bribe money disguised as payments for speeches – Money talks I guess).

    • “Free trade” ??? Or, special interest laws disguised as free trade that do the exact opposite?

    • I always knew free trade was just a way for big corporations to get free foreign labor. That’s why I supported and voted for Ross Perot when he ran back in ’96 I think it was. Unfortunately the Clinton libturds and the GOP neocon phonies were determined to push this garbage on us while sending thousands of jobs overseas.

  3. It is unethical to make claims without any hard evidence.

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