U.S. Police Kill More Civilians in March than UK Police Killed in 100 Years

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The following statistics seem impossible to believe. While I wonder how accurately the UK has been tracking these numbers historically, the enormous spread seems much too large to ignore, and is a national embarrassment that should be dealt with immediately.

From the Free Thought Project:

A new report by ThinkProgress.com unearthed disturbing figures when it came to the number of police-related deaths that occurred in America in the month of March alone.

Just last month, in the 31 days of March, police in the United States killed more people than the UK did in the entire 20th century. In fact, it was twice as many; police in the UK only killed 52 people during that 100 year period.

According to the report by ThinkProgess, in March alone, 111 people died during police encounters — 36 more than the previous month.

This high number in March increased the average for police killings from every 8.5 hours, to nearly 1 police killing every 6.5 hours in the US.

China, whose population is 4 and 1/2 times the size of the United States, recorded 12 killings by law enforcement officers in 2014.

On average, US police kill people at a rate 70 times higher than any of the other first world countries as they “protect and serve” the American citizens.

This is not what freedom looks like.

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. If it’s only half as bad as the number cited, it is beyond outrageous. This is not a police problem, militarization of civilian LEO problem, unequal justice or anything like that, IMHO.

    Fundamentally, it is a deep flaw in the American character that has permitted a police state to grow like a weed in the heart of what was once a “light on a hill” for those aspiring to be free.

    I do not applaud violence or believe it should be the preferred response in every situation. But simple logic dictates that we are just about out of alternative answers to the tidal wave of thuggish brutality that American policing, in too many instances, has become.

    Read the reasons the Declaration of Independence so powerfully presents as justification for the violent opposition to a rule that could not, in any plausible way, be described as representative government.

    We are even further down that road, much further. Human freedom is dangling by a thread at this moment in history. Unless some very unsavory people have a near-miraculous change of heart, Americans are going to have to decide if they will live on their knees forever or change the criminal syndicate masquerading as the federal government by whatever means necessary.

    Our Founders already have blessed this path; it was the one they struck out on. They understood decent humanity will shrink from it if any other way can be found. But when everything peaceful has been foreclosed, there is one remaining way that has been sanctified by the words and the deeds of those who forged this country. We need not be ashamed of it, if it is thrust on us. We are not the criminals for defending ourselves. We just need to resolve never to be made a slave to the madmen who claim leadership over us.

  2. Personally I am getting tired of all this cop hating the media is pushing. Maybe instead of asking what is up with cops ask what is up with society? God fearing law abiding citizens don’t get shot by the police. Not usually.

  3. So I read this and I wonder what is the point? How about actual statistics regarding CRIME in the UK instead?
    YOU are 65 TIMES more likely to be a VICTIM of VIOLENT CRIME in the UK than you are in the USA. Why? Because their cops do not have guns, because the people are not allowed to own weapons and they are not even allowed to defend themselves. If you kill a person while defending yourself in the UK, YOU go to jail for murder.
    The criminals do not have to worry about the police shooting them.
    Just remember what happened in France when the police could not stop terrorists with AK-47s . . . Why couldn’t they stop them? Because French Police also do not carry weapons.

    Remember that 65 times more likely to suffer violent crime?
    So WHAT TWAT involved in the story above does not understand facts over propaganda?

    • Seriously? You seriously believe that someone in the UK is 65x more likely to be a victim of serious crime than in the US? Your argument would be more coherent if you a) defined what you mean by “violent crime” and b) quoted even one source for this (somewhat unbelievable) claim.
      Of course, having made the claim, you have then jumped to the rather convenient conclusion that it’s all down to the fact that we don’t have guns.

      You are also factually incorrect on two points you make:
      a) French national police ARE armed. Local gendarmes usually aren’t. The point you make about the police being outgunned by AK-47-wielding terrorists is correct, but then most American cops would have been outgunned by them too.
      b) It is not correct that you automatically go to jail if you kill someone whilst defending yourself in the UK, but it is correct that you will be arrested and have to stand trial. This is as it should be – the “I was defending myself” plea shouldn’t be an automatic right to murder someone.

      As you seem to cloak yourself in ignorance, I should also point out that the “criminals do not have to worry about the police shooting them.” statement is also not correct. The UK have incredibly well-trained firearms officers who can be (and are) deployed at incidents involving firearms. A testament to their training is the fact that they actually end up shooting very few people.

      Perhaps you should educate yourself to the facts, instead of spouting well-trodden gun-lobby propaganda?

    • If a statistic sounds unbelievable, it’s probably not true. 65x is a truly ridiculous figure. That would make the UK more violent than bona fide warzones like Syria.

      The cops don’t have guns because they don’t need guns. The criminals don’t have them either. It’s not true that defending yourself leads to a murder charge, nor is it true that you are not allowed to own weapons. All my neighbours growing up had at least one shotgun, and some had rifles.

      But I guess this sort of crap goes down well with Bubba at the local NRA meeting, who won’t be bothered to check facts.

    • ‘So WHAT TWAT involved in the story above does not understand facts over propaganda?’

      You apparently.

  4. talk about bully’s the cops got them beat ( no pun intended)

  5. Violent crime in the USA is defined as murder, rape, robbery or aggravated assault. Violent crime in the UK is anything from a punch on the nose upwards. That’s why the UK appears to have more ‘violent’ crime.

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