Jon Stewart on the Gaza-Israeli Conflict

While this conflict is certainly no laughing matter, sometimes humor is the best way to get across a serious political point. Jon Stewart is simply a master of this art. Enjoy:

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Michael Krieger

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  1. I’m sure the US army also warns with a telephone call, and later with an empty missile before it bombs a building. Putin too, no doubt.

  2. Chris Hedges, who sued the Obama Administration on the NDAA, made the point about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert that he compared them to the Burlesque shows in Berlin in the 1930’s. Those shows just made fun of Hitler during his rise and they did not take very seriously that little screaming man, until it was to late. Hedges put forth this same principle more eloquent on another occasion:
    “Satire becomes destroyed in essence in the hands of figures like Colbert, Jon Stewart and others,” Hedges asserts. “They will attack the excesses or the foibles of the system, but they are never going to expose the system itself because they are all millionaires, they are commercially supported. You have very few people (George Carlin was one) who will stand up and do it. If you do that, it is tough to make a living. Carlin maybe being the exception. But if you really use Satire the way Swift used Satire, to expose the English barbarity in Ireland, you are going to be very lonely, and that is because culture, like everything else in the society has been completely corporatized.”


    • This is correct and obvious, which is why kreiger, posting this kind of thing makes you look like an idiot , or rather like reddit.

  3. Knowledge of the End Time

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