In 33 U.S. Cities, Feeding the Homeless Has Been Criminalized

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.37.22 PMThe “war on compassion” when it comes to the homeless in America has been one of Liberty Blitzkrieg’s key themes this year. There are many reasons why I find this topic to be of such tremendous importance. First and foremost, I think that if we want to see how the state and crony corporate status quo will treat everyone in the future, all you have to do is look at how the homeless are being “dealt with.” Secondly, random groups feeding the homeless in various venues is a great example of decentralized compassion. Political power hates decentralization and is quite intentionally trying to corral the homeless into the centralized bureaucratic channels over which it has total control. So this isn’t merely a humanitarian issue, it is also a front line battle in the key war of our time: Decentralization vs. Centralization.  

As I mentioned, this has been a key topic on this site in 2014. Before reading on, I suggest checking out some of my recent posts on it:

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Moving along to the meat of this post, the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) is about to release a report that details how 33 cities in America have either banned or are considering banning feeding homeless people. It’s so bad, that the UN singled out the U.S. in a report on human rights for our nation’s criminalization of the homeless. Where’s George Clooney and the rest of the Hollywood faux human rights celebrities on this issue? Crickets.

PolicyMic reports that:

The news: In case the United States’ problem with homelessness wasn’t bad enough, a forthcoming National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) report says that 33 U.S. cities now ban or are considering banning the practice of sharing food with homeless people. Four municipalities (Raleigh, N.C.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Daytona Beach, Fla.) have recently gone as far as to fine, remove or threaten to throw in jail private groups that work to serve food to the needy instead of letting government-run services do the job.

Why it’s happening: The bans are officially instituted to prevent government-run anti-homelessness programs from being diluted. But in practice, many of the same places that are banning food-sharing are the same ones that have criminalized homelessness with harsh and punitive measuresEssentially, they’re designed to make being homeless within city limits so unpleasant that the downtrodden have no choice but to leave. Tampa, for example, criminalizes sleeping or storing property in public. Columbia, South Carolina, passed a measure that essentially would have empowered police to ship all homeless people out of town. Detroit PD officers have been accused of illegally taking the homeless and driving them out of the city.

The UN even went so far as to single the U.S. out in a report on human rights, saying criminalization of homelessness in the U.S. “raises concerns of discrimination and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”

According to the NCH, one survey of homelessness found 62,619 veterans were homeless in January 2012. Other at-risk groups for homelessness include the seriously ill, battered women and people suffering from drug addictions or mental illness. The economy isn’t helping. More Americans live in poverty than before the recession began in 2008 and the number of households living under the poverty line has reached levels unseen since the 1960s.So we send young kids off to die in pointless wars and if they actually come back and before homeless we aren’t allowed to feed them. Stay classy America.

Full article here.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. Patrick (Mac) McCoy

    When are We going to “WAKE UP AMERICA” . The NWO is Here and Well!
    All of the CHRISTian basics that our fathers and forefathers fought and died to defend have been stripped away illegally, yet we live in fear that what little freedom we have left will be taken by force and by the very people that have sworn to defend us.

    • NO he won’t………not this time ! This is now a Godless Country !

    • If you need some “god” to tell you right from wrong, you’re hopeless.

    • Jesus Christ & pray to Him & get the Truth

    • Hey Stupid: Our ‘forefathers’ were as wary of idiotic christianity as they were the king. Put down the fairytales.

    • I agree I think that we need to use compassion and love in our hearts and so many people have forgot what that is. what’s the first step in makig Americathe america we once knew how can I help? we the people need to stand up and take our rights back .this is America the land of the free and the home of the brave not the land of the elite and the home of the greedy. insted of separating the homeless from the non homeless people should be putting together programs to help these people get off the streets and put their lives back together instead of ignoring them putting any thought of compassion and human kindness out of their heart. this country wants people to fight battles for them to keep them free but yet keeps these freedom fighters hungry and poor and turn the other cheek when they’re back in our country this is nit right !we need to stand up and take care of our people and take back our civil rights! this country treats illegal immigrants are better and they treat are you as veterans and US homeless like trash are you kidding me America wake up we know better than us we know that we can be better than this.

  2. This is weird. What happens if some individual takes a homeless to the super market and buys food from the super market ? Is this illegal ? I assume money is private property still.

    Hindu Temples routinely offer free food to any one. Iskon is one such temple. Would that also be banned or will there be a religious exception ?

  3. These laws and fines are being put in place so when our financial system fails and people are in the streets the laws will allow placing them in camps. It’s just softening us up for what’s to come. It aint going to be pretty. But as always it will be for the good of the people and to keep order. What a crock! Listen to the name,Police Force. They police your actions with force! Gone are the days of Serve and Protect. Be afraid, be Very afraid. Police now have the same gear as our troops in hostile countries, why? Because when a dollar is worth a dime,and All the food is controlled by the gov. the broke,hungry masses will revolt. The elite will need protection, and Armed personnel carriers will be necessary to maintain order. Yes, the same order the gov. actions destroyed in the first place.

    • I hope and pray that Jesus comes back for us before this happens!!!

    • Jesus isn’t coming back you fucking moron. Get off your fat, ‘fix it for me Jesus’ whale-ass and help fix this mess your-goddamn-self. Arrogant ass, acting like someone is gonna come clean up your mess. The religious people of the world are the major problem that needs to be dealt with.

    • At least I am not an ignorant stupid donkey who cannot speak civilly to another human being for having an opinion different than theirs!!!!! And you most certainly are NOT an Avg. American!!!!!!!!

    • recent polls peg the “religious affiliation” of over 70% as “none of the above”. i’d have to say, sadly, his view is way more than average.

    • you said it all…….thomas malle …nobody believes me …you are right on..

    • People had better SOON wake up!!!!!

    • Sadly, God himself, has said there will be MANY who perish and only few who will be saved. Only God can make a deaf man hear and a blind man see. The great deceiver has blinded them with his stunning show. The only way they have to get their point across is by demeaning others with names, bullying and violence. For satan willingly uses their unclean mouths and minds.Thank God!!!! the end IS near! Praise JESUS forever and ever. Amen.

  4. What’s happening is cities grabbing for money, in part due to having to pay out boggling sums to settle police misconduct, or court judgments. On the news today an item was mentioned about a $500 fine for soliciting door to door. That’s completely ridiculous, wrong and highway robbery. A $20 fine is quite enough. When those whose budget will benefit by setting fines at bizarre high levels are fixing the numbers, naturally they will do so to bleed the most from their targets. Sate laws must override these, and court challenges. Again there is the unpleasant whiff of social worker involvement present, to the definite detriment of civilization.

  5. The whole thing is disgraceful and dispicible!!!!

  6. I am speechless. What about the all loving compassionate liberals? As one other poster wrote where are all the big Hollywood hotshots? Nowhere to be found. They don’t want to think about such things-it’s screws up their perfectly comfortable life. This could be any one of us folks so just remember that.

  7. Time to find these Illuminati and deal with them !

  8. Surely if you make friends with these people, you’re just sharing a meal with a friend. And, if you were to offer someone a place to sleep, then they wouldn’t be homeless anymore?

  9. confused-THIS IS WHAT AMERICANS THINK,,the LORD will save them from what they caused,the LORD ain’t coming to get anyone, till everyone has had a chance to see what they caused,THE HOMELESS are beaten,robbed and murdered,”THEIR CHILDREN”,aren’t that lucky,their beaten RAPED,TORTURED and murdered,.THIS can be laided at the feet of every church in america,but YOU think the LORD is going to rescue you,HAHAHA,no I don’t think so,YOUR going to get the chance to wish you had protected all those homeless,JESUS was a homeless guy,and THEY KILLED HIM,…JUST like their doing in america,ENJOY the sulfuric acid you’ll be drinking in the fema camps,and the beatings,torture you’ll recieve at the hands of your police gangs,YOU good law abiding CITIZENS have turned america into a shit hole,NOW YOU’LL PAY FOR IT,don’t worry the LORD will come,but not till after you’ve witnessed your handy work…………….

    • Patrick (Mac) McCoy

      You are correct on one thing Arizona, Our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS was tortured and killed for His Teachings. HE died for Our Sins (including yours)
      Where you are mistaken is that True Believers in JESUS CHRIST will be judged and punished for what has happened in our world today.
      True, we True Believers might not have it easy, (the Bible,God’s Word does not promise a trial free life, to the contrary, God’s Word says that we will be mocked and even killed for our beliefs. BUT, in the end (which is close at hand) we will be spared and reunited with Our LORD and SAVIOR while those who chose NOT TO BELIEVE will be JUDGED and PUNISHED.
      GOD’s Word says it, I believe it, and that’s all there is to it! GOD BLESS!

    • Michael Krieger

      I’m not a Christian so I will be judged and punished. I get it.

      Now can we stop with the religious dogma and discuss the topics at hand?

      Thanks so much,
      Michael Krieger

    • Patrick (Mac) McCoy

      It’s NOT dogma Michael, it’s TRUTH ! I know it’s hard for you to accept it because you have no faith, but the signs are all around us and have been for some time now, it’s just that non believers do not see even though they have eyes, and they do not hear, even though they have ears.
      Just give JESUS and GOD’s WORD a chance and I can promise you that you will NOT be let down. GOD Bless and Keep you Michael and all of us.

    • YOU ARE WRONG!!! Since you are not a Christian, You WILL be judged!!
      Get it?

    • Michael Krieger

      I am very much looking forward to my judgement.

      Thanks for your concern,
      Michael Krieger

    • I should think that Jesus disciples would qualify as “true believers”, and yet they weren’t spared in any way, shape or form…they resisted unto death. I’d say that those who are counting on being raptured out of hell on earth that is to come have been slightly misled.

    • Roy, it’s not about counting on being raptured before the tribulation, it’s about having Faith in more than yourself and the things of this corrupt world.
      It’s true that true believers in JESUS must have Faith to make it through all the trials that we face in life.
      I know in my heart that there is much more to our lives that anything and everything in this world and I will continue to seek GOD’s Will for my life and continue to show the Love of JESUS to any and all people that come into my life not matter the price.
      May Our LORD GOD Bless and Keep You and your family.

    • The MAIN reason we’re in as dire straits as we are is because all of you have forfeited any notion of critical or independent thought. You’re all living in this Hollywood supported, political economic construct/fantasy called “Jesus”.

      There is NO, NO, NO evidence whatsoever to support any of this childish, deadly psychosis. NO body gives a DAMN about your spoiled, indulgent, selfish, obscenely fecund ugly selves, LEAST of all an eastern insurgent, IF he ever even existed! And WHY WOULD HE??? His very incarnation would undoubtedly be violated by one of your cheeto-chomping, beer swilling spawn, and kicked into a gutter to die.

      Were there a “god”, do you imagine for one second this entity would allow evil, sadistic individuals as the shadow gov’t running this country to poison the planet via Fukushima or allow geoengineering to destroy the delicate balance of nature and all of her sacred creatures?

      I resent like hell that those of us who can think have to go down the toilet with the rest of you deserving refuse.
      The lot of you aren’t worth a dust mite off a sparrow’s ass feathers.

  10. Anything that the USG is not in control of will be an illegal act all the way down to the local level since there is no more local government.

  11. Sorry, I have no time for organized religion of any kind. I studied it all my life and came to the conclusion that the entire institution is pure nonsense. People want simple solutions to life’s problems. Wouldn’t it be nice?

    The dilemma of homelessness is a national problem that spreads from coast to coast. Many of these poor folks are veterans, down on their luck, or suffer serious mental problems. They need to be treated with compassion and care. To criminalize or penalize anyone who seeks to provide them sustenance, food, care and shelter is in itself a moral outrage! To hell with them!

    If I cannot care for another human being without facing someone from the government objecting to it they can simply drop dead.

    Whenever I see someone in dire straits, the thought comes to mind that person could be someone I know or even myself given certain situations. I always believe in the Golden rule. If any government wants to stand in my way of that, it is a society that I want a divorce and is no longer worthy of funding or support. All decent people genuinely want to do the right things in life. Looking out for our fellows is not only a duty but a moral obligation.

  12. When I lived in San Francisco in 1977, I could hardly walk a city block without being assaulted by a panhandler. And they wouldn’t take no for an answer. The economy was bad back then and I was desperately looking for a job. But the panhandlers didn’t care about my problems. Today we have tons of unfortunate people who have played their last hand and are now living on the streets; at the mercy of the kindness of strangers. Too many to mourn. What’s to become of them? If American cities are now passing laws not to feed the humans, it should be easy enough to predict what the future holds for these unfortunate souls.

  13. HEY ALL! Please don’t get pissed-off!!! Read these (if you already haven’t) and be happy 😉

    1. The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks –

    2. Global Control –

    3. Who Rules the World (Today & Yesterday) –

    Just sharing few 😉

  14. There always be poor people around & this has been going on before Jesus were born!!!

  15. If you only do good things because of the prospect of an award and you only don’t do bad things to avoid a punishment, then your still truly evil.
    Religion is a personal experience and your god or or the 2300 other gods people have believed in worldwide, throughout the ages, haven’t stopped or prevented a single catastrophe. so i think waiting for some deity to pop out the sky and condemn western oligarchs, and stop their certain crusade against the rest of the population for more power, then i think your going to be waiting an awful long time. But we can be the gods that the gods have failed to be, we can be the one that make the changes.


  17. Yemane Gebremicael

    We should not be surprised to hear that individuals who feed the homeless are being charges as criminals and penalized.
    This Malthusian conspiracy to control population growth by exterminating the masses of low-income and homeless is not new. Think how millions of jobs & America technology was shipped overseas to bring about a demise of the working population. The staunch opposition to universal health care and the gun lobbying are all intended to exterminate the hundreds of millions of people in poverty or on the verge of it. It is time to call the spade a spade. Preventing the homeless from being fed is like condoning them to death. Many of the homeless are military veterans who have served this Nation and it allies,are we going to look the other way and allow this process of eradicating those that the rich consider unwanted.

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