New Jersey Threatens to Take 13-Year-Old Student From His Father Due to “Non-Conforming Behavior”

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 3.05.38 PMWhile this story is not new, I must have missed it back in April when it first broke and it is absolutely incredible. The reason I am posting on it today is because we have new information which turns an already shocking story into something far more terrifying.So let’s get into some background first.

This is the story of Ethan Chaplin, who back in April was twirling a pencil in his seventh grade classroom in Vernon, NJ. One of the class bullies saw an opportunity to be a jerk and yelled: “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.”

Rather than demonstrating any sort of common sense, the teacher apparently had a panic attack and reported him, which resulted in a two-day suspension. Here’s what Vernon Superintendent Charles Maranzano had to say about it:

“We’re responsible for their mental and physical health and safety and security. When a student misbehaves or displays actions that are non-conforming or don’t meet our expectations, it causes us some concerns.”

I guess I don’t understand what schools are like these days, but the classes I grew up in were filled to the brim with misbehavior to the extent that a twirling pencil would be seen as a positive indicator of student interaction. Somehow, we all survived.

As if that part of the story isn’t bizarre enough, Ethan wasn’t allowed to return to class until he underwent a psychological evaluation in which he was forced to strip and give blood samples that caused him to pass out (sounds a lot like how police in New Mexico force anal probes on citizens for no reason).

Amazingly, the saga manages to get even worse. Just today, we find out that New Jersey is threatening to take Ethan away from his father. Incredibly, the state is claiming that the prior psychological evaluation wasn’t sufficient and more testing needs to be done. Since his father Michael is pushing back, the loss of custodianship has been threatened. Absolutely insane.

Here’s a must watch short video from PIX11 News on the incident:

I suppose this is an example of that amazing “quality of life” Chris Christie keeps referring to…

This Huffington Post article from early April was the source of much of the information in this post.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. JFK

    • Scott Norman Rosenthal

      The abuses of the Mental Health System are as great a threat as any to the liberty and prosperity of this nation.
      Governments ahve traditionally used the “Mental Illness” ploy to abridge rights and Due Process.

  2. youtube: Know Your Enemy (Part 67 – The War on Parents)

    Time to Decide Federal Employees: Are You a Traitor or a Patriot … 2014/ 05/ 10/ time-to-decide-federal-employees-are-you-a-traitor-or-a-patriot/ – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight

    May 10, 2014 … Americans live in a time of unprecedented tyranny through the … Attention federal employees, if there are ever Nuremburg type trials for ….. They will be easy, soft targets and the type of targets patriots should concentrate on.

  3. “… and Hopefully New Jersey will do the right thing”, he said.
    Are you kidding, this is the federal govt talking. Jersey submits its sovereignty to the effin federal government, fool.
    You, sir, should be talking to Alex Jones on Info Wars and Peter Schiff Radio and ask for any and all Patriots to come to his aid to protect his family from a possible government kidnapping.
    Keep smiling, sir, we are at war but you, even in the midst of it, are yet not aware. Maybe when you’re child is taken away and drugged for later patsy use by govt in a false flag massacre, you will understand.
    Wake the hell up. You are an ass for allowing your son to go back to that school. His suspension should have raised enough of a signal that your son was already in a troubled school environment; your returning him to the scene of the crime means you, sir, are a zombie.
    If you do not wake the hell up post haste, you deserve what you get.
    When it comes to your immediate family, do not rely on govt to do the right thing.

  4. Who caught up with the bully after school and showed him how to shut his mouth?

  5. Careful now, you risk being arrested for suggesting someone should commit a violent act, and against a minor no less.
    The only upside to this sort of arrogance and extreme authoritarianism is that outrageous government behavior like this mighht wake up the sheeple.

  6. The fact that the bully knew he could cause substantial troubles by accusing another student shows we’ve reached the initial stages of a modern day Inquisition. It has actually been less than 200 years ago that someone was burned alive in Europe because of being accused of witchcraft or heresy. Today the accusations are “mental illness” and “mental disorder” and other catch-phrases. People need to get away from pro sports and Dr. Oz and spend time examining who they’re placing in public office.

    • @Charles
      Bravo. Concise and totally on target. Do not focus on the N$A picking you out of the crowd. You next door neighbor or co-worker will do it for them. Then the data will be used to nail you to the cross.
      I believe at this point our elected officials will never solve our problems. If Ron Paul could not even get them to question the Fed, what hope is there?
      Quit watching Dancing with the Bozos, and prepare like you were going back to 1850. How do you heat and light up your dwelling? Where is your next meal coming from – in the dead of winter? How would you prep for home invasion – while you are not there? How will you function if the banks were closed for 30 days?
      Think of banking, electricity, running water, shampoo, and toilet paper as luxuries. That will start the mind to work on the issues. I hope we never need the solutions.

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  8. Any update on what happened? I can’t find anything on the internet.

  9. The police and educators in this case are out of control and need to be removed from any position where they have contact with the public. I realize it is hard to fire them, but they have demonstrated gross negligence and dereliction of duty.

  10. Vernon Superintendent Charles Maranzano = Child Molester

  11. If that kid winds up messed up in the head and untrustful to so called authority figures after this it will be there fault. They will set the stage of never leaving that boy alone. I hope he sues for the detriment they have cause with this spiteful abuse of authority with a jury of his peers so the child can see there is some justice in the world. t’s also about intimidation and trying to brain wash kids to our constitution right to bear arms as well as freedom of speach. As one can’t remember who said if I can’t get to you I’ll get to your kids. I hope the people behind this abuse get fired.

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