Video of the Day – Teen Makes Nancy Pelosi Squirm with His Question on the NSA

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.07.38 PMYou’ve got to give young Andrew Demeter a lot of credit. Given the chance to meet a powerful Congresswoman, most people would melt into a sad puddle of unjustified reverence and pathetic groveling. Not this young man. When he was given the opportunity to ask Nancy Pelosi a question, he confronted her on the NSA’s unconstitutional spy practices and why she hasn’t done anything to stop it, considering she claims to be so “liberal.”

You need to check out this brief video. This kid has major cojones.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. That kid is now on a black list.

  2. “Well, Uh, uh, well.” Pretty much sums up her response lol.

  3. does the lad realize his country has been hijacked by the evil ones?

    • And he’s doing something about it; exposing them to the sunlight for all to see clearly, which alone can disinfect our culture and eradicate that bullshit.

      The proper way to fight tyranny is to make them act tyrannically, so nobody has any doubt.

      The proper way to disarm the would-be breeders of men is to make them admit their ambitions, so nobody has any doubt, and that’s what this kid did.

  4. Isn’t that how she sounds all the time? Hope kid questions the political system instead of joining it.

    Politics = High level criminality.

  5. 9/11 footage never aired on TV

  6. The propaganda machine is clearly not working as well as it used to…

    • That’s why they are seeking to close the internet; you can’t gain control of the education and media when it’s all volunteer.

  7. Love how she brought it back to the Bush administration…

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