Picture of the Day: Presenting the Average American Voter

A friend of mine sent this to me earlier today from a family vacation to Disney World. I had always thought that the most terrifying venue to observe your fellow Americans is the airport, but apparently Disney World takes the cake. I suppose that makes sense. In fact, my first article to ever get published on Zerohedge was titled Goodbye Disneyland, in which I compared the U.S. economy to the iconic theme park.

Now take a look and who will be reelecting all the corrupt idiots back into Congress later this year:


In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. Mike,
    Could you please stick to the message? A post like this could potentially alienate newcomers. Which would reflect poorly on myself, as I regularly refer people to this site.

    A photo of some people at Disneyland wearing Mickey Mouse ears? Although, they may be overweight and not dressed too nicely, who cares? They are probably goofing around since they are at, you know, Disneyland. Not that I’d ever go there, but if I did I might wear mickey ears just for shits.

    Also, the most terrifying venue to observe your fellow Americans has to be Walmart. UGh just got chills thinking about my last trip there.

    Kind Regards

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