Inaugural Interview with Hard Assets Alliance – India’s War on Gold, Bitcoin in China and More…

This past week I sat down with Andy Duncan of the Hard Assets Alliance for an inaugural podcast and we discussed a variety of timely topics. From India’s “war on gold,” the emergence of new political parties around the world and, of course, Bitcoin.

This is the first interview in which I discuss my view that the Chinese attacks on Bitcoin are actually a sign of the regime’s weakness, and I take issue with certain gold bugs hoping for a Chinese run gold standard or something similar. I am of the adamant belief that we need to separate money from the state. Enjoy!

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  1. Is this available as an actual podcast? I really hate “watching” a discussion on video.

  2. The Chinese will probably end up stewarding the worlds next reserve fiat currency and this time backed by Gold. The USD is NOT backed by gold because there is none there. Anything not independently audited in over 50 years does not exist.

    China cannot be trusted in stewarding a financial reserve currency. Simply because they have a long, long track record of lying, cheating, stealing, monopolizing everything in sight as well as clamping down on their citizens as indentured serfs.

    As above, so below. Above, meaning the Chinese gov. is a criminal racketeering syndicate and operates as such. No freedom of speech, no freedom in business. Everything is coercion. Just like a good Italian mafia. Their society embraces the same kind of behavior. Lie, cheat and steal your way to fiat currency riches.

    China in charge of the worlds reserve currency is like trusting Hitler to take care of the Jews. Only an idiot would trust in them. Then again, this planet is filled with a lot of idiots. Which is why we have so many governments.

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