Inaugural Interview with Miles Franklin – Gold, Bitcoin and Oligarch Theft

Last week, I sat down for a chat with my fellow Coloradan and friend Andy Hoffman, Media Director for precious metals dealer Miles Franklin.

Many precious metals focused people have taken a very aggressive, and in my opinion ignorant and short-sighted negative perspective on Bitcoin as of late. I personally feel that this is rooted in either a simple lack of research, or resentment that Bitcoin has experienced a performance many in the precious metals space thought would be reserved for gold and silver alone. As such, I give Andy a lot of credit for having me on and having an open mind.


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  1. Great interview! It’s great to know that I’m not alone in my view (as a huge supporter of precious metals) that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies are complimentary currencies and hopefully another instrument to break the back of the international banking cartel. Like Bill Still says, the cryptos could be humanity’s “Noah’s Ark 2” so why not at least buy a ticket? I agree that everyone should own gold, silver, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Quark and other relevant cryptocurrencies. I am for whatever helps me to retain as much of my excruciatingly fought for wealth as possible and help my fellow man to do the same. So far, the cryptos have been a giant ray of hope in my otherwise completely manipulated precious metals portfolio. I am very much in alignment with the idea of unifying the precious metals community around the cryptos as an instrument to grow wealth and spread liberty!!

    Keep fighting the good fight!


  2. Mr. Krieger,
    Are you aware that globalist Ben Bernanke has endorsed bitcoin and the UN (globalist HQ) has also asked for “a one-world digital currency that will replace our existing monetary systems …”. Why? Because it would be good for you and me?
    “There is no such thing as a secure system.” Don’t believe me? Just ask any IT engineer.

    Worried yet?

  3. Look, I’ve said it before…no one should ASK or CARE what Andy’s opinion is on Bitcoin. He has said more than once that he is not well versed on the subject. But more importantly – and this, I think, is key – he is essentially duty bound NOT to promote Bitcoin, as it could be perceived to conflict with PM promotion.

    Andy has a lot of worthwhile things to say…pertaining to his area of expertise. Bitcoin? No.

    • That being said, considering it was Andy’s show and not Mike’s, Andy DID provide a good and fair opportunity for someone who IS well versed on the subject, to be heard.

      Props to both.

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