Video of the Day: Greenspan Calls Bitcoin a Bubble

I have to admit I was starting to get a little worried in recent days as certain folks who’s opinions I hold in very low regard started to rethink their prior clearly poorly researched opinions on Bitcoin. Personally, I would prefer small thinkers and professional media trolls to continue to mock and bash Bitcoin at every step.

Fortunately, many of my concerns were completely eliminated today, as the most destructive person in American history, Alan Greenspan, went on Bloomberg television and called Bitcoin a bubble. The best part is the way his obviously senile mind attempted to legitimize government fiat by comparing it to a very rich person writing a check. What is this nut job even talking about? In any event, if there was every a reason to hold on to your Bitcoins, this may be it.

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  1. You sure that wasn’t woody Allen. Pretty sure Greenspan died years ago . The USD backed by the great credit of trillions of debt !

  2. Arguably crypto currencies are indeed in a “buuble”, tif that’s what we want to call it.
    In fact, the only reason BTC and its peers have market value today, is for lack of a better alternative.
    As great as the concept sounds, someone still has to smuggle the gold (Or other commodity) to balance the trade deficit created by BTC.
    Reality is a bitch.
    So eventually someone will issue crypto gold deposits. Then the others will fall.
    That’s why man was able to beat a computer at chess.

  3. I don’t get it. It’s a bubble!

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