Video of the Day: The Police State Arrives in Syracuse

In the off chance that you still think you are a free human being as opposed to a pig in a pen, look no further than what the TSA has just installed at the Syracuse airport. Apparently, it is no longer good enough to be screened as you enter the airport via either a naked body scanner or an invasive pat-down. No, that’s just not gonna cut it in the “war on terror.” Now you need to go through “exit pods” just to leave the airport.

If you don’t think this is ridiculous, you will put up with anything. Meanwhile. the pods were part of a $60 million renovation of the airport. Just more wealth extraction and waste from the opportunists in Washington D.C. Check out this clip from NBC describing these absolutely degrading and humiliating devices.

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  1. I quit flying years ago because of TSA nonsense. I am part of the solution.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if these devices are flash radiating the sheeple without them even knowing it. Someone needs to open up one of these machines to check what kind of electronics is in there beyond just opening and closing the doors.

  3. You are so naïve! America is the Fourth Reich, less evil but much more hypocritical than Nazi Germany.

  4. ?? nanu particle collection/analysis DNA ~~ CHEMICAL PARTICLE analysis , the government alluded to their intention to do this many years ago

  5. That clip was cut a bit short, not that any real truth was likely to be forthcoming from the likes of NBC.

    Any idea what the official rationale is for these things? Why screen on the way OUT?

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