U.S. Treasury Department Guarantees Debt Issued by the Jordanian Government

In a bizarre announcement yesterday, the U.S. Treasury Department boasted that the government of Jordan had closed on a $1.25 issuance of sovereign debt guaranteed by the U.S. government. While I am not sure how common it is for our nation to guarantee these types of issuances (comments would be appreciated), the announcement represents a gigantic slap in the face on multiple levels.

From the U.S. Treasury Department’s press release:

This guarantee marks the conclusion of a process that President Obama set in motion in March 2013 when he visited Jordan.  During his visit, President Obama noted that a U.S. guarantee, “can help deliver the results that Jordanians deserve… to see their schools better, their roads improved, healthcare, clean water all enhanced, the training that I know a lot of Jordanians seek, particularly young people, to get a job or to turn entrepreneurial skills into a business that creates even more jobs.”  That vision was further affirmed by the signing of a loan guarantee agreement in Amman on August 14, 2013.

Did you catch that? The Treasury Department expressed its preoccupation with Jordanian healthcare on the same day it is revealed that the top hospitals in America will not accept Obamacare.

Oh, and good thing we are so concerned with Jordanian infrastructure spending. Meanwhile back in the USSA:

U.S.structure spending

I’m not done yet. More from the U.S. Treasury’s press release:

The U.S. government is committed to supporting Jordan’s efforts to provide critical services to its citizens as it enacts economic reforms to increase Jordan’s macroeconomic stability and  hosts more than half a million refugees fleeing the violence inside Syria. This loan guarantee also reinforces Jordan’s work with other donors, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), to implement its economic reform agenda. 

Violence inside Syria. Violence which the U.S. government has been doing its best to escalate…

Just another day in the Banana Republic.

Full press release here.

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  1. When are the American people going to have enough. It’s time to dump Obama!!!

  2. my friend pointed out to me it could just be a cheaper way of doing foreign aid, which we already do a lot of

  3. Can you please stop referring to that rogue entity as the “U.S. government”. It is NOT the government of the USA. It’s a criminal racketeering syndicate masquerading as the “U.S. government”. Calling it the “U.S. government” gives it credibility it does NOT deserve since it does NOT do anything remotely close to what a proper government is supposed to do.

    Here are some suggestions:

    The entity formerly known as the “U.S. government”.
    The entity known by it’s other name “The Illuminati”.
    The Criminal Racketeering Syndicate (CRS) aka the “U.S. government”.
    The corporate bankster owned U.S. government.
    The Criminals and Incompetents running the U.S. government.
    The mental hospital formerly known as the U.S. government.

    I’m sure there are many other good naming mechanisms. Just use any other name when referring to this entity.

  4. where is the I.M.F. or World Bank

  5. This is absolutely horrendous. A real slap in the face to the average American Joe or Josephine. Unbelievable. It’s just an upfront bribe and one that is wide open. We have often forgiven debt because the country simply cannot pay (some African countries) but to buy Jordan. Typical. I guess Turkey will be next and of course, Lebanon.

  6. Hello Mike,

    The practice of extending favorable loans or lending conditions (backing a loan, in this case) does not happen frequently, but it also has quite a bit of precedent. It usually occurs when a big-fish power wants to score political points on the diplomatic front. The EU has extended these type of loan agreements to nations, particularly Eastern European nations. But the grand daddy of this type of throwing economic power around for geostrategic goals is the United States. “We” do it more than any other nation. I don’t know how often it’s done — memory fails me. But it’s not uncommon.

    The US has done multiple deals like this with Israel. I remember back in the “Poppy Bush” administration, Secretary of State James Baker actually withheld a favorable loan guarantee to Israel in protest of Israel continuing to build settlements in the occupied West Bank. It was particularly memorable because AIPAC squealed like a pack of hyenas — they were really pissed off!

    This deal takes place against a backdrop of the US pressuring Jordan to manage arms flows into Syria (albeit in a contradictory public position because the US has helped that arms flow in the first place). The US is also interested in being perceived as helping the Syrian refugees in Jordan. The State Department can score some political points with the Jordanian government by doing this loan guarantee, and that’s how the policy wonks in the State Department look at the overture.


    Eric Dubin
    Managing Editor, TheNewsDoctors.com

  7. What can anyone say?? The political softies bought his pretty words and fair speeches. They let him usurp the Presidents office and take the treasury department for a joy ride.

  8. Is this chart for real? What about the stimulus money that was supposed to go to infrastructure spending? The American Recover and Reinvestment act that was supposed to spend what, $800B?

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