Video of the Day – Bitcoin: A Banker’s Worst Fear

It’s been a big week for Bitcoin. Several days ago I noted the significance of Chinese web services giant Baidu accepting bitcoin for its Jiasule service. With a $53 billion market cap, I believe this is the largest company globally to-date to accept the four year old crypto-currency. It is also highly significant that bitcoin is now trading higher than it was just before the latest flash crash triggered by the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged proprietor of the Silk Road.  

There’s no better way to top off such a exciting and dynamic period for Bitcoin than with this new, excellent mini-documentary. The following video will be enjoyed greatly by newcomers to the space as well as those with advanced awareness. Enjoy!



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  1. Great video. The BTC chart is perfection. Total accumulation of Bitcoins happening. The traders try to knock it down every now and then but it comes right back quickly. This is what happens when you have a market that cannot be manipulated by BS derivatives. The only people who can sell BTC’s are the ones that already have the real thing.

    BTC is as close to a physical product as you can get without it actually being physical! You have to have it to sell it and you need real cash sitting in an account to buy it.

    Totally unlike BS derivatives in gold/silver and everything else where the ratio is 1-infinity and you don’t need any physical product to sell it in unlimited quantities.

    Gotta love it!

    BTC! BTC! BTC!

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