Sandy Hook Elementary to be Demolished – Contractors Forced to Sign Confidentiality Agreements

Am I the only one that finds this incredibly strange? While I completely understand community concerns surrounding potential exploitation of the tragedy, they seem to be going way overboard in their precautions. I’d love to hear readers’ thought on this because it seems extremely bizarre to me…

From the AP:

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — When the old Sandy Hook Elementary School is demolished, building materials will be pulverized on site and metal will be taken away and melted down in an effort to eliminate nearly every trace of the building where a gunman killed 26 people last December.

Contractors also will be required to sign confidentiality agreements and workers will guard the property’s perimeter to prevent onlookers from taking photographs or videos.

Demolition is set to begin next week and be finished before the Dec. 14 anniversary of the shootings. Town voters last month accepted a state grant of $49.3 million to raze the building and build a new school, which is expected to open by December 2016.

Most of the building will be completely crushed and hauled away to an undisclosed location. Some of the demolition dust may be used in the foundation and driveway of the new school, Llodra said. The town also is requiring documentation that metal and other materials that can’t be crushed and are hauled off-site are destroyed, she said.

In addition to the demolition crew confidentiality agreements, the project management company, Consigli Construction, also may do background checks on the workers.

Seems way, way over the top. Furthermore, it costs $50 million to raze a school and build a new one. Really?

Full article here.

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  1. Strange indeed,

  2. Basically same thing done at OK City & WTC and probably some other places I don’t know about or can’t think of right now. It’s called concealing evidence.

    • It’s wise to draw attention to the WTC and other examples of buildings were bombs were involved. However, there’s a better black-op example from history: RFK and the Roosevelt Hotel.

      It took decades for the powers that be to take down the Roosevelt Hotel, where RFK was executed. But the deed was finally done, and the need to block independent onsite forensic investigations vanished as the building was demolished. Most of the professional research community was in agreement that the walls and ceiling could easily demonstrate more bullet penetrations than the number of rounds held in Sirhan Sirhan’s revolver, and that that evidence was already substantiated by combining police and media reports and onsite photos from the period. Far less onsite info flowed from Sandy Hook. Demolishing the building will block further investigation. It’s very fishy. — Eric Dubin, Managing Editor,

  3. There is nothing strange at all about this. “Warren” post got it right. They are covering up the false flag. There is no other reason for the gov. throwing $50 million at it to destroy evidence. Don’t you love how they have been doing these false flags recently and none of them ever go to trial?

    My guess is the contractors will see absolutely nothing and realize nothing really happened there OR they will find evidence that proves the official story is a complete fake on all accounts. Either way it’s an obvious cover up of the truth. Otherwise, why have them sign confidentiality agreements for a demolition project? These loser criminal sociopaths can’t cover anything up nowadays.

    It’s cake to figure these things out. They are SOOOOOO obvious.

  4. It’s the Red Flag signaling the False Flag or OP.

    At this point it boils down to a generic equation: If they’ve always done it in the past, and they’re doing it now at (fill in the blank), then that was an OP or False Flag, too. QED.

  5. False Flag operations prefer to be obliterated. No evidence to review.

  6. Sandy Hook was staged

    Sandy hook student says it was a drill MUST SEE !

    On and on and on ….

    There could be a connection between breaking the stage (Contractors Forced to Sign Confidentiality Agreements – Why would that be?) and Sandy Hook being staged. After every Hollywood production they break the stage so that’s what I merely try to point out here.

  7. Although the cover story sounds plausible: they don’t want parts of the school building ending up on eBay; there is no evidence of any attempt to vandalize the building or grounds for profit or any other reason thus far. So, if no one has attempted to exploit the scene thus far, why should we accept that this possibility is a pressing concern now?

    • “Selectman Will Rodgers said officials want to protect the Newtown school where the 20 children and six educators were killed, The News-Times reported.”

      The article at foxnews says they are demolishing it and then it says they want to protect it. Their doublespeak is such blithering nonsensical BS nothing makes any sense with their cover stories. What idiots believe a word of this?

      You think the gov. cares about someone selling a desk on Ebay? They don’t care about your life or anyone else for that matter. And you think they care about “furniture” at SH? They care so much they want to pay $50 million? LOL.

      Go try to demolish a crime scene and see what happens to you. The only people that want to demolish a crime scene are the ones who perpetrated it. It’s that simple because they are the only ones that would have a motive to cover it up.

      They don’t care about taking care of their vets but they really care about feelings of some families at SH which we haven’t heard from one of them in the media except the weird staged PR events at the beginning?

      It’s all bogus.

  8. Can what they’re doing get any more obvious? I’ll repeat that. CAN WHAT THEY’RE DOING GET ANY MORE OBVIOUS?

  9. Mike, your a smart guy, I have been following you for a while. This is normal practice for a sensitive situation like Sandy Hook. If you think Sandy Hook is a conspiracy or inside job, then that’s something else. Otherwise, this is a non-issue.

  10. Why hide ? You don’t make people sign agreements unless you are hiding something that’s my thought.

  11. Since Adam Lanza never existed and no child or teacher was killed, I would call this melodrama. By having contractors sign this agreement one continues the illusion that something actually happened. Long before the hoax, the school had already been gutted and was scheduled for demolition to make room for the Iroquois Pipeline. Public streets became private ones. In addition to the school, a number of homes were also scheduled for demolition, some of which belonged to parents who claimed their child had been killed. Then there is the 2.5 million dollars in hush money Newtown received from the Obama administration. It’s business as usual.

  12. I could not understand how the renovations to the Navy Yard where the recent shooting took place were going to cost $6million. This is damage done by bullets?

  13. A lot of talk about concealing evidence, or cover-up, but I feel it is more about Who can make money from this tradegy. Some politician said “We cannot allow our children to attend this defiled school” while drafting a demolish and rebuild contract for his good buddy, with special incentives and bonuses, all courtesy of the grieving public.

  14. This is a COMPLETE waste of money to tear down a school because some psycho went on a shooting spree !! So what happens if 1 year after the new school is built, and a copy-cat psycho shoots 15 people ?? Are they going to knock down another perfectly good school and build a 3rd ??

    If the town wants to spend money on education, upgrade the facilities & equipment at the school, and pay a better wage to the teachers !!

    Just out of curiosity…… is Halliburton getting the building contract ??

  15. It is amazing to me that $50 million is being used, with the idea that some rich children will be able to forget about this. Perhaps this is insensitive, but I would take a few bad memories of what error thinking can do, over money that could be used to save starving disease ridden children that wont have any memories when they die a horrible death.

  16. The idea is that the 2nd school is SAFER than the first one and everyone will accept that because we’re not human unless we build from our mistakes, are we.

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