Peter Schiff Was Right Part Deux: The “Taper” Edition

For those of you who remember the months following the 2008 financial crisis, one of the most viral videos out there (it has over 2 million views) was the “Peter Schiff Was Right” compilation. It consists of various clips of Mr. Schiff being prescient about the financial condition of the U.S., as talking heads on various financial shows mock him and laugh in his face.

Well, the “Peter Schiff Was Right Video Part Deux” is now out and I expect this one to go viral as well. In this case, pundits laugh at Peter’s insistence that there will be no taper and that it was all a bluff (they pull off the same bluff every year). It ends in classic fashion with Bob Pisani explaining to the dwindling audience at CNBC that “no one saw it coming.”

I guess we’re back to that again.  The next crisis can’t be far off.


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  1. Who watches TV anymore?

  2. Nice compilation! Who has ‘less cred than da Fed’? The MSM hacks, of course!

  3. Peter Schiff, you are a genius… All those critics out there should be all ashamed of themselves and leave thier positions whatever they have(if they have a pride), wait,, they don’t , that wahy they keep making mistakes

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