The Million Mask March…Coming November 5, 2013

I first read about the Million Mask March about a month ago and thought it was something to keep an eye on, but not yet interesting enough to post on. With a month and a half left to go, it has been gaining enough momentum for me to highlight this event.

While the main focus of the march centers around a gathering at the National Mall in the District of Criminals in Washington D.C., the plan is for hundreds of marches all over the world on November 5, which is Guy Fawkes Day. A video explaining the event and encouraging people to unite wants it to be…

The Largest Peaceful March in the History of Mankind.

I’ll be monitoring this event closely as the date approaches.


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  1. Larry Summers is a criminal ?

    • V for Vendetta Mask Anonymous
      Price: $6.99 * 1000000 people
      $6990000…easy money to make indeed by selling this crap to all of those idiots
      The Largest Peaceful March in the History of Mankind = CONTROLLED OPPOSITION

    • thats why you steal it

    • what store would stock high quantities of an item that’s trendily stolen by a cultural movement… uh duh

  2. The Banality of Systemic Evil

    “…generation W has seen that complicity within the surveillance state can give rise to evil as well — not the horrific evil that Eichmann’s bureaucratic efficiency brought us, but still an Orwellian future that must be avoided at all costs.”

    “So has the younger generation lost its moral compass?…Clearly, there is a moral principle at work in the actions of the leakers, whistle-blowers and hacktivists and those who support them. I would also argue that that moral principle has been clearly articulated, and it may just save us from a dystopian future.”

    Aaron Swartz counted “Moral Mazes” among his “very favorite books.” Swartz was the Internet wunderkind who was hounded by a government prosecution threatening him with 35 years in jail for illicitly downloading academic journals that were behind a pay wall. Swartz, who committed suicide in January at age 26 (many believe because of his prosecution), said that “Moral Mazes” did an excellent job of “explaining how so many well-intentioned people can end up committing so much evil.”

    Swartz argued that it was sometimes necessary to break the rules that required obedience to the system in order to avoid systemic evil. In Swartz’s case the system was not a corporation but a system for the dissemination of bottled up knowledge that should have been available to all. Swartz engaged in an act of civil disobedience to liberate that knowledge, arguing that “there is no justice in following unjust laws. It’s time to come into the light and, in the grand tradition of civil disobedience, declare our opposition to this private theft of public culture.”

  3. when the people in power forget who they work for, it is time to remind them.

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