Rethinking 9/11: Building 7 Was the First Known Instance of a Tall Building Collapse from Fires

I’ve said for many years that I have no idea what actually happened on 9/11, but I am highly confident the government’s official story is complete and total bullshit. A third building fell on that fateful day, WTC7. No planes hit the building and yet it came down at free fall speed. Even the government itself admitted that:

The collapse of WTC 7 is the first known instance of a tall building brought down primarily by uncontrolled fires.

– From the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report 

Quite the coincidence, and not only brought down, but brought down at free fall speed. Watch the video and make up your own mind, but remember that all the civil liberties we have given up and all the wars we have launched were justified by 9/11.


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  1. Guess what “problematic” evidence was archived in Buiding 7.

  2. Building 7? What's that

    One of few org’s I donate to
    Great group of professionals

  3. Terrorism is theater.

    “Terrorism is aimed at the people watching, not the actual victims. Terrorism is theater.” — Brian Michael Jenkins, RAND Corporation, 1974

    The free fall of WTC 7 is a hard data point, and an ironic counterpoint, unveiling ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’.

  4. people obsessing over ‘how” is why the perps. continue to get away with the WHY of what happened. THINK , even if true what will “proving” ANY of it accomplish?
    explain to me HOW all this conjecture has added ANYTHING to the debate about why it was ALLOWED to happen or why the event was exploited by the MIC to push plans that had OBVIOUSLY been thought out YEARS in advance. these are the ONLY issues that matter going forward lol do you ACCUALY believe that the NSA started all these programs AFTER 911 good god!!! LOOK at the time line laid out by the leaks it extends clear back to the early 70s this is the SAME agenda uncovered by the church commission.

    the “HOW” is in the past it is OVER but if you wish to under stand the physics read up on the designs of the structures * and what happened to them during the event.
    in short the designs were flawed and failed when struck by the planes PERIOD. the flaws are obvious when looked at in the light of what happened not only are they obvious but they are and were matters of public record available for any one including osama bin laden an engineer by trade to study and in turn exploit. every one claiming otherwise have DIRECT interests in defending the designs IE there lively hoods rely on building tall buildings and if people realize how unsafe they have become due there shameless whoring around with bean counters and the cost cutting that resulted in these flaws it would hurt business (bolts are cheaper than welders even if they break in shear situations and after all what are the odds that a plane will ACTUALLY hit this thing”?…………..oops.)

    also the source of the “fire” in building 7 was electrical in nature originating the Edison vault in the sub basement which was damaged when debris fell THROUGH the building from roof to said sub basement damaging and destroying structural elements all along that path. such fires “burn at temps that melt and vaporize metal and don’t go out until the incoming power is cut.

    *this means YOU not some group of experts YOU.

  5. I have been actively following A&E 911 project since near its inceptions. Like Mike, I lost friends and ex-colleagues in this disaster. I was suffering cognitive dissonance for many years. I also woke up to what really happened. I applaud this group and support their efforts. What is astounding is how not one single media outlet has allowed sponsoring of this new “ReThink911” campaign. Only print ads have been permitted. Goes to show you how hard TPTB are working to stop free-thinkers unaware from waking up. We all know that the majority of people in this country are obsessed with their IdiotBoxes and a successful campaign may open too many eyes and raise too many more questions.

  6. “The collapse of WTC 7 is the first known instance of a tall building brought down primarily by uncontrolled fires.”

    This is not the first known instance of a controlled entity spewing out complete nonsense. This statement is so stupid that only a compete idiot would believe a word of it. No right minded person would write it either.

    That tells you how controlled NIST is, and also how stupid they think you are.

    To put out a statement like that as well as many others from the 911 commission report tells you “they” think everyone in America is a total fucking retard.

    And so far, they are right. When the Americans take back their country from the gangster filth running it, the statement above will be proven wrong. I am hoping that day comes sooner than later.

  7. I do believe that there is something dodgy about this, because of it holding a fair amount of America’s debt problems and all. But I can understand why the building fell down, with uncontrollable fires bruning at over 1000 degrees fahrenheit at the bottom floors. Not only was the bottom unstable, but also the rest of the buildings weight from ABOVE is pressing down, causing structural instability. I don’t believe it is a conspircay AT ALL.

  8. Dan, How can you get to a furniture fire that burns at 1000 deg F. Even if ALL of the lower eight floors were totally aflame, which they were not, there is NO possibility that temperature could be realized and bring down that building at all, least being the free fall it experienced. The melting point of steel is over 2700 deg. F and it doesn’t soften until it gets to ~1900 deg which even at your estimate the fire could not have reached. Buildings are designed with fires and earthquakes in mind and would not have passed code otherwise.

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