New Zealand Prime Minister Flees Press Conference When Confronted on Illegal Spying

Not to be outdone by leaders in the U.S. and UK acting like spoiled children upon the realization that the citizenry has had enough of their mass surveillance and their bullshit generally, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has decided to thrown a little temper tantrum of his own. During a press conference on a new bill that would allow the country’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) agency to conduct warrantless NSA-style spying on citizens, John Key decided to turn tail and run away rather than answer a journalist’s question.

You can just skip to minute 12 in the video below to get to the money shot. Look at the rage and disgust transparent in Mr. Key’s eyes and face as he lashes out at this journalist before running away. These are our “leaders.” It very much reminds me of the encounter with a U.S. Senator that Aaron Swartz detailed before his death (watch the video at the end of the linked post).


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  1. Russian Officials Now Prohibited From Having Foreign Bank Accounts

    MOSCOW, August 19 (RIA Novosti) – Senior Russian officials, including lawmakers, judges and the heads of state corporations, as well as their spouses and underage children, are no longer allowed to keep their money in foreign bank accounts or financial instruments abroad as of Monday.

    The legislation, initiated by the Kremlin to “nationalize the elite” and deter corruption, originally envisioned a ban on owning any assets abroad, but the bill was softened in parliament to allow ownership of foreign real estate.

    The law came into force in early May, but officials were given three months to get rid of the respective assets or resign. The only penalty for incompliance is relinquishing one’s post.

    “Only mentally retarded lawmakers and officials will be incapacitated by this legislation,” Dmitry Gudkov, a lawmaker in the lower house of parliament, wrote in his LiveJournal blog on Monday.

  2. John Key has one loyalty, and it isn’t to New Zealand.

  3. What a wanker! These toadies are all the same.

  4. How is it possible , I ask , that an ethnic group known to infiltrate and control the foreign politics of the USA and Hollywood, that has only about 10 thousand citizens is able to snare the top job in New Zealand ?
    If your political system is not deeply penetrated by 5th columnists I eat my hat ! Your future will the same as Australia . There the government is paralized by ” charges of High treason “.

    • Michael Krieger

      I approved this comment, but I do not condone any sort of divide and conquer, racial, ethnic, gender or any other type of childish slander or worldview on this site. If you seriously are so misinformed to think that our global problems are the result of one group of people, you should go elsewhere. If you want to be an adult and discuss issues, ideas and ways to improve humanity, great. If you want to peddle a simpleton version of a hateful delusional reality there are other sites for that.

      Michael Krieger

  5. People need to realize that all global leaders are controlled by the Jesuits, one only has search for “The Vatican and The Jesuits” and do some in depth research to understand that these people have been behind every global catastrophe since 1572!

  6. This is ridiculous… these elites are bonded by things like love of power, wealth, careerism, prestige, sociopathic buddy clubbing, and whatnot. Not ancient racial/tribal divisions. Cleary Barrack Obama and Timmy Geithner are on the same corrupt team, but I think it’s safe to say Obama isn’t a Jesuit.

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