14-Year Old Anti-GMO Activist Publicly Schools CBC Host Kevin O’Leary

A lot of people like to bash the younger generations, but I have to say that the more and more I observe these generations the more and more impressed I become. It is precisely the outlook and zeitgeist of these younger generations that will determine the outcome of The Fourth Turning that we are currently in the midst of, and I firmly believe that they will help lead our planet into a much better paradigm.

What prompted this post was an incredible CBC interview with Rachel Parent, a 14-year old anti-GMO activist. She had some critical words directed at the show’s co-host Kevin O’Leary prior to the interview, which led to her being invited on. What is so amazing about the exchange is how articulate, composed, well-prepared and passionate Rachel is, particularly compared to Mr. O’Leary, who towards the end becomes so emotionally unstable he accuses her of being a “shill.” It’s a total embarrassment for O’Leary and a home run for Rachel, and already has over 150,000 views. Enjoy!

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  1. the only shill is o leary himself who obviously works for monsanto. a disgusting pig

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