Welcome to Third World America: Camden, New Jersey’s Tent City

Those of you who didn’t sleep completely through American history class probably recall the phenomenon of Hoovervilles throughout the U.S. in the early years of the Great Depression. These were shantytowns that sprung up all across the nation and were named after Herbert Hoover, who was President at the onset of the Depression and blamed for their occurrence. Here’s a photo:


Fast forward to 2013, and we see something similar happening all across the country, which we could easily call Obamavilles. In this particular post, I am focused on Chris Christievilles, or tent cities that are popping up all over the state of New Jersey, in which citizens live in worse conditions than a third world slum. Perhaps Governor Christie should stop worrying so much about the thought process of libertarians, and more on the squalor rampant in his own state. Strange that these tent cities seem to be spreading in a state right across the way from Wall Street, and with the nation supposedly almost five years into an economic “recovery.” I guess somebody forgot to tell them about the S&P 500.


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  1. Tent cities all over nj?? They show Camden and talk about Newark
    They have been cess pools for 2 decades. Hawaii spends 100k a month shipping homeless from the islands. These people have zero chance of escape, what’s Christie suppose to do ? Everyone can’t be helped its that simple. Be cool if they bull doze half Camden and try to grow organic food or some sort of productive activity . Maybe elon musk will build a space ship plant there hire some folks !

    • Michael Krieger

      Here’s an idea. Give them 0% loans like the Federal Reserve offers TBTF Wall Street parasites. Life is easy when you can borrow $1 billion @ 0%.

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