This is Why I Don’t Watch Television

I had free television on my flight to NYC yesterday and I decided to flip through the stations. Now mind you, I never flip through TV stations unless I am on a plane. When I say never, I mean it simply does not happen in my life. Ever. Every now and again I’m confronted by a television at the gym or airport and I am reminded of why I don’t watch it. Yesterday was one of those times. I quickly realized nothing had changed since the last time I flipped through the stations years ago. Obama was still parading around giving long winded speeches saturated with lies, false promises and deception.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, while Obama was speaking, CNN decided that the most “breaking news” out there was the fact that the royal baby had been given a name. Not only that, but CNN ensured us of “complete coverage after Obama’s speech.”

What does that even mean? Complete coverage of a baby having a name? What complete and total idiocy. It might not have been so bad if there wasn’t actual important domestic news happening in the form of a vote on the anti-NSA spying amendment from Justin Amash just hours away. Absolutely disgraceful.


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  1. 1000% Amen! We don’t ever watch tv… Propagandavision (PV).

  2. Know anyone that voted for Obama?…send them this….Hudson is a Democrat leaning economist.

    Michael Hudson Shreds Obama’s Orwellian Speech on Middle Class Prosperity

    MH: Obama did not mention the role of debt in this, increasing the cost of labor and the financial overhead of its employers.

    In this speech it is as if he thinks that telling people that he knows how squeezed they are means that he wants to solve their problems.Rather, their squeeze is the profit of his backers.

  3. Know anyone that voted for Obaaamaaa? 75% of the people in Boulder Colorado voted for him. Can I say they are a bunch of morons or is that too harsh?

    • Every idiot who voted for Obama (especially the morons who voted for him TWICE!) has no right to complain about the lousy economy, higher prices and taxes, higher medical costs, the higher costs of doing business, overbearing government regulations, etc. They wanted this, because they put him in office.

  4. Mike, I’m the same way with TV… got rid of cable and broadcast in 2008 and haven’t missed it.

    About the CNN story, I recently came across a quote from Carl Bernstein that says it best:

    “We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.” – Carl Bernstein -1992

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