Feds Raid Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington State

Like an insecure bully trying to demonstrate how tough he or she is and feel better about itself, the Feds raided marijuana dispensaries in Washington state despite the fact that Proposition 502 made it legal. Recall, I warned about this last year in my piece: Colorado Legalizes Marijuana: Your Move Eric Holder.

In a country rampant with crony capitalism, bank theft, unconstitutional spying, IRS targeting of political groups and journalists’ Mercedes exploding on the streets of Los Angeles, it makes perfect sense to spend taxpayer money making sure human beings can’t light up a joint after the residents of the state decided to make it legal.

This is not what democracy looks like.

From NBC news:

Federal agents raided several medical marijuana dispensaries Wednesday in Washington — a state which just decriminalized the drug last year.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Seattle office confirmed in a brief statement that “several search warrants were executed today involving marijuana storefronts” in the Puget Sound region around Seattle.

One of the dispensaries was the Bayside Collective in Olympia, the state capital, where seven government vehicles converged Wednesday morning.

Agents with guns drawn seized business records and about $2,500 worth of marijuana intended for cancer patients, Casey Lee, who works at the clinic, told NBC station KING of Seattle.

Washington was one of the first states to legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana last year. But it remains illegal under federal law, and Lee claimed one of the agents told him, “Things are going to be hell for you.”

Meanwhile, things have been looking pretty hellish for Jon Corzine…


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  1. “This is NOT what democracy looks like.”

    Silly, that’s because we don’t live in one anymore.

  2. Is it wrong that I expect this to happen on a daily basis now adays?

  3. Funny photo.

    One of these days when they least expect it the armed thugs that raid these places are going to be in for a big surprise. Then THEY will be thinking it’s going to be hellish for them and what did they just get themselves into.

    Just a matter of time until this happens. As they continue to piss off enough people some of them will just say enough is enough. After that I doubt they will be raiding any more medical dispensaries as the rest of the armed thugs will actually start to think for once in their lives if these raids are worth it. My guess is they will come to some rational thought and just say no themselves.

  4. Where are the Washington state officials stopping the Fed from doing this? Does the governor of Washington have no balls?

  5. In reality, the Civil War never ended. The states are still fighting for their rights.

  6. Feds have no legal right to enforce law out side federal property. Were is the Washington state national guard in this invasion of state Jurisdiction of jurisprudence, protecting the State of Washington’s law that is the will of its people .

  7. Bankers go Free Pot smokers go to for Profit Prisons; America’s Gulags and the criminalization of poverty; it works perfectly, just as slavery did, as a matter of economic and political policy. Blog at http://wp.me/p1lJ77-Ma

  8. Ever since the dictator Lincoln declared war on the South and dissolved the original Republic, the states have been treated as if they’re just federal subdivisions. Obama & Holder are just asserting unconstitutional power over the states.

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