Extremely Powerful Video: Happy 4th of July from a Police State Checkpoint

The following is a very powerful video taped yesterday when a simple citizen had the nerve to assert his constitutional rights in front of a power hungry storm trooper in the state of Tennessee.  Minute five is particularly telling when the officer seems to lament the fact that “he’s perfectly innocent, he knows his rights, he knows what the Constitution says.”  Also notice that when the citizen claims his 4th Amendment rights to not have his vehicle searched, the officer creates a scene where his canine supposedly “smells drugs in the car” as an excuse to search it.  Of course, no drugs were found and the deputy was demonstrating that he can do whatever he wants to a mere slave in a vehicle traversing the “free” highways of America.  This is a must watch.  USA! USA!

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. Below the mason Dixon line god save ya

    • you mean there are no “gestapo” type cops in California, New York, Mass, Chicago. they only exist in the South? really?

  2. Good Lord!! There goes the 4th Amendment of ‘probable cause’.

    Finally!! There is someone doing something. There’s 2 veterans (1 is a 65 yr old Vietnam veteran & a gulf War vet) where are walking across America in ‘Support of the U.S. Constitution’. Cool!


    They are carrying the American flag fm San Diego to D.C. Once again, it’s our veterans defending our freedoms from tyranny. I support them.

  3. Hi Mike
    Really enjoyed meeting you at the Liberty conference.
    You are the rage as a speaker. Look forward to chatting again over a lunch or dinner.
    all the best,
    Bill Murphy

  4. Glad I do not live in the land of the free, your Gestapo need to be sued at every possible opportunity for their failure to respect the laws they are supposed to uphold.
    A really sad 4th of July America!

  5. As a well traveled “Yankee” now living a short drive from this incident, I can assure you that evil has no geographical limits.

  6. Just be glad they didn’t rip up your hood liner and carpets along with the seats then find an excuse like resisting anything and tow your car and arrest you like California

  7. nice find Mike ! what a disturbing video. i have huge respect for the crap that most cops have to put up with (like, for example, getting shot at), but this kind of stuff is untolerable. these douchebag cops in TN should be fired immediately. this country is at a huge tipping point RIGHT NOW, and i am not optimistic as to how this all turns out. God help us all.

  8. What are these officers names and badge numbers? A little publicity for the good ole boys down South might give them a little more humility 🙂

  9. I like how he says “are you an attorney or something?” implying that only someone who knows the law would know that what they are doing is illegal.

  10. Since a dog cannot SPEAK, and is considered property, and is a BIASED “witness” based on an ATTCHMENT/BONDING with the PIGlice Officer, IT is never an impartial witness.

  11. This video went viral. They won’t fire the guy because the good ole boys network take care of their own even if they are all Nazis.

    My guess is they will put the guy on PAID administrative leave for a few weeks until people forget. Then give him a promotion when he comes back. And back to business as usual. This AJ no nothing officer is done as a police officer though. Totally stigmatized as the little Nazi down South.

  12. Happy 4th of July nazi USA.

  13. kittyantonikwakfer

    Providing full identification of the Gov Enforcers involved in these & other Enforcer-actions enables everyone who disapproves to withdraw or never initiate voluntary association with the thugs if they refuse to respond to reasoned logic and find a totally different line of work. NO violence! Simply NO sales, NO service, NO camaraderie – NO anything. Make Gov Enforcerhood a very unpopular occupation by not having anything to do with those who insist on becoming or staying one. When the fast increasing far more non-Gov pawns in the population will have no voluntary association with Enforcers, there will be fewer individuals willing to be one. With fewer Enforcers, Gov can do far less harm – at home and abroad, since the military is simply Gov Enforcers mostly “over there”, at least right now….

  14. Shawnna Connolly

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I almost cried at the absolute brazen abuse of “law enforcement”. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA – your country is at risk, now more than ever.

  15. I was at Ft Leonard Wood Missouri basic training in summer of ’87. That summer there were 7 state troopers shot and killed during traffic stops. This crap seems cyclical in timing with the economy-econ gets bad and the badged nazis come out. Live and learn…

  16. You guys get all bent outa shape over a routine traffic stop. If the motorist happened to be a black guy he would likely have been “routinely” choked to death or shot multiple times in addition to being charged for a crime never committed – period, end of story. But now you find cause for everyone to wake up huh?

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