I Pledge Allegiance…

I’m on a plane about to take off for Colorado, but figured I’d leave everyone with my updated Pledge of Allegiance applicable for modern day America.  Enjoy comrades.

I pledge allegiance to the Fed of the United States of Bernakistan, and to the S&P 500 for which it stands, one ponzi, under Federal Reserve Notes, with debt-serfdom and food stamps for all.  

See you on the other side,


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  1. That would be funny if it were not true. But oh how sad
    that it is today’s truth.

  2. That would be food stamps for all until they’re done fleecing us.

  3. It’s amusing to see the new and improved PoA, but having a chuckle over our country’s descent into fascism doesn’t change anything. It does promote a sense of resignation that the oligarchy that runs the Fed and the TBTF banks has won and the rest of us have lost. What can be done to prevent this and restore this country to a constitutional republic?

  4. Very funny Mikey boy! But we know only the sheeple are making this pledge. The rest of us will not.

  5. Make ready, All Weapons Condition ONE

  6. I never pledge allegiance to any cloth or government, they don’t reflect my values.

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