Another Day, Another Temper Tantrum from Mayor Bloomberg

It is just incredible how quick NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is to throw a temper tantrum whenever anyone dares question his crusade to rid the nation of its remaining civil liberties.  In this case, his targets are those that criticize his feudalistic and extraordinarily racist “stop and frisk policy,” which I highlighted last October in my post: The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy.

So now that the policy is being questioned in court, Bloomberg has once again transitioned into his usual role as a petulant child.  Scott Shackford at did a great job covering his latest nonsensical outburst.  First he quotes the New York Times:

Speaking at Police Headquarters, Mr. Bloomberg took a swipe at those suing the department in Federal District Court in Manhattan over the stop -and-frisk practices, but he saved his strongest words for legislators and mayoral candidates “playing politics with people’s lives.”

“Look at what’s happened in Boston,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “Remember what happened here on 9/11. Remember all of those who’ve been killed by gun violence and the families they left behind.”

Remember Boston!  Remember 9/11!  This guy has zero shame.  All he does is immediately exploit national tragedies to advance his surveillance state agenda.

Scott then goes on to write:

In an amazing, balls-out move prompting comparisons to Kanye West, Bloomberg argued that opponents of the stop-and-frisk policy are the ones who are racist, not the authorities manhandling any minority they stumble across. He accused the New York Times of ignoring the shooting death of a young minority, something it wouldn’t have done were the teen white. Adam Serwer of Mother Jones makes note of the amazing gall of the man:

There are 11 plaintiffs in the stop and frisk case currently on trial in federal district court, none of whom are white. According to Bloomberg, if minorities don’t want to their freedom of movement restricted because of their skin color, it’s just because they’re racist…against themselves. A New York Times spokeswoman told Politico that Bloomberg’s criticism of the paper was “absurd.”

This guy is out of his mind and out of control.  Term limits were created for people like him.

Full article here.

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  1. I am so pleased I do not live in this maniac’s district any longer. (Not that my freedoms aren’t being encroached in other regions of America, but this guy is over-the-top level insane.) I have casually studied human behavior and psychology for years; comes with the territory of watching the markets and the emotional and psychological behavior that drives them – Lil Mike is a modern day Napoleon. He needs to move to another island, far far away.

  2. This is hilarious. Didn’t the New Yorkers vote for this guy?

  3. Bloomberg is likely a presidential candidate

  4. First, never set foot in N.Y. Second, when the NYT is wary of civil rights I become afraid; what’s their true agenda?

  5. This guy is a disgrace, but then again he is rich and has armed bodyguards everywhere he goes so it’s not surprising that he has no compassion for the rights of other people or sympathy for victims.

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