“Favorable” Opinion of the Federal Government Plunges to a Record Low of 28%

I have highlighted these polls in the past due to the fact that when support for the Federal government plunges to these sorts of levels you have a recipe for serious social problems. The worst part is that the current low approval rating for this collective of parasites and thieves in Washington D.C. is completely justified in every way imaginable.  It would be one thing if the political oligarchs were changing their behavior as a result of public dissatisfaction, but in fact, it is clear they are doubling down on their corruption, lies and authoritarianism.  Due to the many decades of blatant theft that they and their bankster masters have gotten away with, they simply think they can do whatever they wish and get away with it indefinitely.  So they will do just that until we hit a total societal crisis, which is why I find the current situation so volatile and terrifying.

This chart is not pretty.

Chart published by the Pew Research Center


Not only that, but this isn’t a partisan thing at this point.  The poll shows that favorability for the Feds amongst Democrats has also plunged from 51% to 41% in the past year alone.  That’s really bad.  From Pew Research:

Even as public views of the federal government in Washington have fallen to another new low, the public continues to see their state and local governments in a favorable light. Overall, 63% say they have a favorable opinion of their local government, virtually unchanged over recent years. And 57% express a favorable view of their state government – a five-point uptick from last year. By contrast, just 28% rate the federal government in Washington favorably. That is down five points from a year ago and the lowest percentage ever in a Pew Research Center survey.

The percentage of Democrats expressing a favorable opinion of the federal government has declined 10 points in the past year, from 51% to 41%. For the first time since Barack Obama became president, more Democrats say they have an unfavorable view of the federal government in Washington than a favorable view (51% unfavorable vs. 41% favorable). Favorable opinions of the federal government among Republicans, already quite low in 2012 (20% favorable), have fallen even further, to 13% currently.

Favorable ratings for the federal government rose dramatically after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but have declined substantially since then. In November 2001, 82% had a favorable opinion of the government and in December 2002, 73% viewed the federal government favorably.

Positive opinions of the government declined through the remainder of George W. Bush’s presidency and have continued to fall during the Obama administration. Currently, 28% have a favorable impression of the federal government while 65% have an unfavorable view.

Partisan views of the federal government have shifted depending on which party controls the White House. Currently, Democrats have a more favorable impression of the federal government than do Republicans; during the Bush administration, Republicans expressed more favorable opinions.

The paragraph above is the most disappointing part of the poll.  While favorability, or lack thereof, is becoming less partisan, the fact it is partisan at all given the near identical policies of these two Presidents on the really big issues demonstrates that a reasonable percentage of the population remains solidly divided and conquered.

Full article here.

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  1. The time is getting close when the people will get tired of being pushed and they will push back!

  2. Nothing a few well placed bombs won’t cure.

    (Pay no attention to the dancing Israelis here to “document the event.”)

  3. There is nothing but criminals running our governments, our system is archaic and displaced from reality, rich morons have taken over and they don’t care about the average human. They virtually piss on you.

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