Food Stamp Use in NYC Doubles Under Bloomberg: 1.8 Million are on EBT

Good thing Mayor Bloomberg has his priorities straight.  Just think about it, had he not focused so heavily on banning large sodas he could’ve actually focused on the fact that 1.8 million New York City resident are on food stamps. That’s an incredible 22% of the city’s population.  That’s not it either.  While Bloomberg spends half his day promoting gun control on the national level and buying off local elections all over the country, homelessness in New York City also just hit a record.

From the New York Post:

The number of New York City residents receiving food stamps more than doubled over the past decade under Mayor Bloomberg, according to data released yesterday.

Now, 1.8 million receive food stamps, a jump from 800,000 in 2002, the Independent Budget Office data show.

The cost of the federally funded food-stamp program in the city skyrocketed to $3.4 billion from $1.28 billion over the past decade.

My only question is, how high will the Dow have to go once Americans start the self-immolations?

Full article here.

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