Rand Paul Filibuster Shockwaves Continue…Now the Democrats are at War

Dear Mr. President:

In response to partial release of the Department of Justice memos describing the underlying legal justifications for the targeted killings of American citizens and others in the course of counterterrorism operations, we are writing to emphasize Congress’ vital oversight role in these matters.  Every American has the right to know the underlying legal rationale that ensures due process.

Authorizing the killing of American citizens and others has profound implications for our Constitution, the core values of our nation, our national security and future international practice.  The executive branch’s claim of authority to deprive citizens of life, and to do so without explaining the legal basis for doing so, set a dangerous precedent and is a model of behavior the United States would not want other nations to emulate.

Therefore, we ask that you release, in an unclassified form, the full legal basis of executive branch claims in the areas which are the subject of this letter.  The Executive’s claims of authority need to be fully articulated to the whole of Congress and the American people.

– Excerpts from a letter by eight Democrat Representatives to Obama on March 11, 2013

Last Thursday, I took the time to write a lengthy article on the historic Rand Paul talking filibuster because I had a strong sense of its significance.  It was exactly the sort of event we needed as a nation to blow a hole right through the false “left-right” paradigm used by mainstream Democrats and Republicans to trick the public into thinking there is a difference between the two parties on the major issues.  The whole point of the article was that Rand had successfully united libertarian and progressive activists, and also sparked a long overdue civil war within the Republican party.  By forcing John McCain and Lindsey Graham to come out in defense of Obama’s assassinated killing program the day after dining with Obama (while Rand stood on his feet for 13 hours), he brilliantly exposed them for the dinosaur fraud RINOs that they are.

Well now the shockwaves have hit the Democratic Party, as eight members of the House of Representatives have sent Obama a letter demanding he release the details of his assassination program.  The biggest problem for the Obama Administration is that four of them are black, which essentially neutralizes his favorite defense, which is to just say that anyone that disagrees with him must be a racist.  Interesting times have finally come to American politics, and it’s long overdue.

Great job Representatives:  Barbara Lee, John Conyers, Keith Ellison, Raul Grijalva, Donna Edwards, Mike Honda, Rush Holt and James McGovern

In Liberty,

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  1. Year of the snake, be careful when you beat
    The bush ! Panel on bill maher tried to discuss
    Drones and they all crumbled like babies. Brain
    Starts to bleed when you realize the powers that
    Be. Pillage innocents with winged robots as they
    Print trillions to feed the bankster and military complex
    USA USA !! A great nation with a great hologram
    Hopefully more awaken and say I don’t want my martini
    Shaken ….

    • There are too many drones and drone pilots to put the genie back in the bottle. They will eradicate the populace at their leisure once SHTF.

      All one can do is hope to hunker and hope to endure. The days of rising up are gone and the traitor to the American people is clearly exposed..

  2. 1. After JFK was assassinated, one of the prime suspects behind the killing was none other than Fidel Castro, who had been reportedly targeted for assassination himself by JFK’s CIA. The Church Committee was convened, and extrajuridicial killing was specifically banned.
    2. It is worth remembering that the phrase “enemy combatant” is nothing more than a rather vague accusation, and the rule of law says that someone accused of a crime deserves to be tried within a reasonable period of time, and not left to molder in a stinking prison or subjected to torture. Many who voted for Obama did so in the belief that this former Professor of Constitutional Law would keep such fundamental tenets in mind. The 9th District Court decision is dishonorable.
    On November 1, 1950, Puerto Rican nationalists( fast forward to the Bush Administration: “terrorists”) Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempted to assassinate President Truman in the Blair House. The assassination was foiled, in part by White House Policeman Leslie Coffelt, who killed Torresola but was himself mortally wounded. Collazo was arrested, charged with murder, tried in Federal court and sentenced to death. He was imprisoned at Leavenworth. Two years later, Truman, who had seen combat in WWI, commuted his sentence to life (he was later freed by another veteran, Carter. Congress and the courts, many of whom had, unlike today’s version, been in war themselves in WWI and WWII, did not go into a panic , revoke the Bill of Rights, invoke bogus “Patriot” Acts, “Military Commissions Acts,” order executions by remote control drones or, as in the wake of Katrina violate the Posse Comitatus Act in New Orleans. There was no thought of sending anyone to Guantanamo. An “extraordinary rendition” in those days was a performance by an opera singer.

  3. we can only hope and pray something sets a bigger fire under congress’s butt. these matters are long, long over due for discussion. my hat is off to the democrats with some sensibilities left, and for the few republicans also that still have some honor left. thank you Rand Paul, hope you can from now on remember where you should stand, it is not democrat, not republican, but Constitutional. you have wavered a few times, you voted yea on a few issues pertaining to Constitutional rights. your father always seemed to know what was right and what was wrong, and we know you want to carve your own path. but this thing that is destroying this nation needs to be handled very carefully. you are developing a much bigger following now, and more and more are watching and paying attention, because sir, many from left middle and right know we are in the end game unless someone like your father, or you Rand can stir the patriotism back into our country. so many are giving up hope, we need a great leader, maybe even just a good one, but i believe you have what it takes. don’t let them buy you out, for what price comes freedom. many patriots far better than any of us gave their lives because they believed in the big picture of our constitution, not for what was in it for them. Good luck America.

  4. Amen Randy, I believe as you that many real Americans have been waiting for a true patriot to emerge that they can whole hearted get behind. I’m so sick of the rinos. I’m ashamed I supported McClain for president but we didn’t have much to choose from at the end. Now I hope the Tea Parties and the other freedom loving Americans will let the Republican party know the rinos are dead and its time for the younger horses to take charge. Meaning Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rubio etc.

  5. Excellent! Although the Democratic party does it’s best to appear to stand behind everything that Obama does, there are those within it’s rank who actually put the Bill of Rights ahead of their loyalty to him. All I can say is that I’m going to sleep just a little bit more soundly tonight. I look forward to addressing Rand Paul as Mr. President in a few years.

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