Australian General Gets Key U.S. Army Post

This sounds like a bad idea.  Like a really, really bad idea.  While I understand the concept of allies, I don’t see the need to place a foreign citizen in such a high position of power within the U.S. Armed Forces.  At the end of the day, where do this person’s loyalties ultimately lie?   With the American citizenry or with the Australian government?  Has he even read the U.S. Constitution?  How cozy is he with the Queen of England?  In his bio we see: “In a key representational appointment, Major General Burr was privileged to be the Equerry to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the 2000 Royal Visit to Australia.  How cute.

From the Associated Press:

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii (AP) — Maj. Gen. Richard Burr salutes with his palm facing out, like he’s shielding his eyes from the sun. He wears a wide-brimmed felt “slouch hat” with a brown and green camouflage uniform.

The two-star general in the Australian Defence Force stands out amid the American soldiers donning berets and green and beige fatigues at the U.S. Army’s headquarters for the Pacific. But he’s responsible for directing their training and exercises as U.S. Army Pacific’s deputy commander for operations.

Burr’s appointment — it’s the first time a non-American has served in such a high-ranking position at a command like this— symbolizes the Army’s push to connect more with allies and friendly nations in the Pacific as it implements the Obama administration’s policy to “rebalance” national defense strategy toward the region.

“This is quite unique. You’re sort of letting someone in to look in your undies drawer. You want to have trust,” he said.

Ralph Cossa, president of the Pacific Forum CSIS think tank, said putting a foreign officer in the direct line of command shows “unprecedented closeness.”

Burr’s appointment shows Australia is firmly in the inner circle of U.S. allies. Being there helps Australia influence its partnership with the U.S. and get its voice heard. It also gives Australia access to the latest intelligence, and helps it understand how the U.S. thinks and acts.

Full article here.

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  1. Total NWO insanity.

  2. I am a former British soldier, although a non-royalist and now after something like 33 years living in Germany, with my children German born and raised, I am now a German citizen, as this is my home, but I don’t understand the issue, for years I served under US command without giving it a seconds thought? I have also worked with the Canadian, French, German, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, Australian and New Zealand armed forces, and I can say with confidence that the Australian armed forces are some of the best in the world! On top of which they have been loyal allies to the US, even committing forces to Vietnam when it seemed that no-one else wanted to!

    The US military training will not be affected by this and the troops may even learn something about the new theatre they are operating in as I understand they are based in Australia? And no-one but no-one knows everything, which is probably why this is being done and an Australian has been given this post as he has the rank and authority in Australia to get things done, whilst also being embedded in the US Staff. On top of which he will not be alone, he will be part of a much larger staff, the majority of which will be US forces.

    I agree with you on so much of what you say, but not on this one, and what is good for the goose is good for the gander as they say. The world is changing fast, and the US will need to hang on to its allies in every theatre, otherwise things could quickly become very difficult, and the US can no longer rely on its world hegemony, and it just like everybody else, needs allies!

  3. I’ll not prejudge. We’ll have to wait and see and give the man a chance. I’ve served with some great Germans, Brits, & others. The salute was originally intended to show that one was disarmed, thus the palm outward salute. I don’t have a problem with it.

  4. It’s a sign of the changing times, whereby the ability for the US to dictate terms to its ‘allies’ is waning with the rise of China and others. Maybe thinking US citizens should be grateful for a contribution from those countries that are still relatively friendly to the spirit of the US constitution, sullied as it has been in recent years. Time is coming when the US will need its friends, such as still remain.

  5. Mike, I agree with the conspiracy theorists, that, potentially, the Aussie is a ‘good guy,’ planted into an important U.S. military post to keep his ‘bad’ U.S. boss and associates in check.

    I no longer trust the U.S. military, and view them as merely the enforcement thugs for The Cabal. So, I hope that they are getting implanted with good guys who can trip up things such as an attack on Iran, China, etc., or a false flag attack on our own forces. I served for five years in the Navy after college, but was clearly blind, then.

  6. Im currently an American in Afghanistan on a primarily Australian base just outside a city called Tarin Kowt. I’ve served side by side with numerous Aussie Special Forces soldiers and I’ve even seen some of them die fighting in defense of our war. Not theirs. Its very easy for someone who knows absolutely nothing about the way things really are to sit safely home in America and speculate on the war like you actually know something. Its cute that people follow your blog and you act like you have some sort of insider information that you dont actually have. The only people that resonate with you are people who share the same pessimistic view on the world that you do. You know nothing about war, you speak like you do. You think the government is trying to steal all of your money, you have a credit card and put your money in banks that are backed by the government. You hate big corporations but you type your blogs from an Apple computer while wearing your Levi jeans and drinking your Starbucks coffee. You know nothing, you just feed off of other peoples insecurities with your monomaniac ways of viewing everything you come across.

    • Michael Krieger

      Actually, I posted this so that we could get dialogue from various perspectives, including those serving in the military. So thanks for your comment. Interesting though because for someone calling me out on my ignorance you seem to know a lot about me. I don’t keep my money in the banks, only enough to pay bills. The rest is in precious metals. I don’t wear Levis and am drinking in a local coffee shop. I shop local as well whenever I can for food and other items. Clearly you haven’t read much of my stuff over time and you ruined your entire comment by going off on a ridiculous tangent about a person you know nothing about. Interestingly, the same thing you accused me of doing. Best, Mike

  7. Unless you are homesteading your entire argument is invalid. You didnt mention the brand of that computer you are typing on. What brand car do you drive? Do you hand make every single item of clothing you wear? Give me a break. Oh and you’re so worried about security of private data on social media websites yet you use twitter frequently… If im not mistaken they just had over 200,000 accounts hacked. Keep contradicting yourself buddy. The blind leading the blind….

    • Michael Krieger

      This is hilarious. You obviously don’t read anything I write or get where I’m coming from. Keep fighting Al Qaeda pal. You know, the group we created and funded and our current allies in Syria. But I bet you didn’t know that…

  8. How could I know that? You’re the only one who is privy to all this “insider information” and the only one intelligent enough to think for themselves. I must be one of those ones that got brainwashed since I disagree with you… Oh wait you might be right. I do remember going through my military schooling and then at the end of it Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith coming up to me and flashing all my memories away. You have no problem reaping all the benefits of living in the greatest country in the world despite spending the majority of your life criticizing it.

  9. Again, you know nothing. You get fed your information the same way we all do… It might be different information, but nonetheless you are just reporting something that you are hearing from someone else who heard that Becky told Sally blah blah blah…or maybe you’re some sort of political prophet that gets the right answers to every political problem whispered in his ear by some supernatural being. But you’ve got your beliefs and that’s cool. Just don’t condescend me because Im not a radicalist and I dont think the whole world is out to get me. Someone let the book “1984” get to him a little bit too much in high school.

    • Michael Krieger

      While you are out there fighting a phantom, the Bill of Rights and Constitution are being destroyed back home. Whether you want to admit that or not is your choice. Like I said, I will focus on those that are awake. Best of luck to you, Mike

  10. “Awake” haha. There you go again. Good luck to you and your little crazed clan. Blog away, that’ll fix it!

  11. Troll all you want, Jared. Just be prepared when you get back home. There are few jobs for returning vets or American youth. College kids defaulting on loans left and right cause they are generating no revenue. Thousands of experienced and trained workers are unemployed or underemployed. PTSD victims are being painted as risks to society and involuntarily committed (just look at what happened to Brandon Raub). The mortgage crisis hasn’t been solved. Stock market is manipulated in plain sight by high frequency trading. The cost of goods at Wal-Mart and the grocery stores keeps ratcheting up but you don’t see that in the CPI numbers, do you? Do you see that on base at the Burger King and KFC? Is your Taco Bell costing more at the FOB? Less donkey meat in your “burger?”I see it every time I go to the store and buy food and the packages keep shrinking but the price stays the same. The middle and lower class just took a collective $2K haircut in increased taxes. How does it feel to be fighting the guys we armed in the 80’s, and continue to arm and fund in Syria and Lybia? Does that sound like protecting freedom and liberty back home? Do Abdul’s sons and daughters look up at you as a liberator when you shoot their father in the face? Do we just kill them all to keep the next generation from growing up to be jihadists? We need you back here to protect the Constitution and the Republic. None of this information is secret. It is all on the table. But most Americans don’t take the time to sift through the high-fructose, American Idol, pop culture daze. Want to see where they are shipping you and your comrades off to next? Just search for one of the presentations from the World Economic Forum in Davos entitled, Vulnerability of the Elites. That is a good place to start for insider information. No tinfoil hats there. Just your owners who make money. Have fun in Iran. I hear their nuclear program is blowing up!

  12. Thanks for the essay, I got about 1/4 of the way through and then quit reading because you sound like a broken record. Just regurgitating everything you’ve heard everyone else say over and over.

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