New York Governor’s Approval Rating Plunges 15 Points After Gun Control Passed

I guess even New Yorkers don’t like it when a politician uses a tragedy to immediately jam through gun control legislation.  I wonder how many people will actually register their guns as that would be an interesting act of civil disobedience.  These political creatures are totally out of control.  From the Daily News:

ALBANY — Gun-loving New Yorkers have turned on Gov. Cuomo in the wake of his sweeping new gun law, giving him his first major drop in poll numbers.

Gov. Cuomo’s new gun law expands the state’s assault weapons ban, as well as limits gun magazines and requires that owners of now-illegal guns register them with the state. Since the gun law was approved, Cuomo’s approval rating has dropped 15 points since December.

At the end of the day, I hold out very little hope for New York.  It is as statist a place as you can find in America, which is partially why I left.  That said, this poll is an interesting development.

Full article here.

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