A Louisiana Grocery Store is Forced to Raise Milk Prices by State Regulators

You might have to read this post twice to make sure your eyes didn’t deceive you.  This article is actually completely different from my recent pieces on stealth inflation, but is even more infuriating.  In this case, a grocery store called Fresh Markets decided to sell milk at a bargain basement price as part of a promotion, yet the state has deemed the price “too low.”  As a result, the chain is being forced to raise the price.  Yep, at a time when millions are struggling every day to make ends meet, this is what the state of Louisiana has decided it a priority that the cost of milk is higher for consumers in the state.  This is exactly what happens when bureaucrats exert to much influence in our daily lives.  From the Daily Caller:

Louisiana state regulators recently cracked down on a supermarket chain’s weekly promotional deal because it was selling milk too cheaply — which violates state law.

The upscale Fresh Markets was selling gallons of milk for $2.99 as part of a weekly promotional deal. Louisiana requires that retailer price markups be at least six percent above the invoice and shipping costs of the product.

“They can sell it six percent over cost all day long. It’s when they sell it below cost that it becomes a problem,” State Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain told The Advocate.

After getting a complaint about Fresh Market’s promotional deal, Strain’s office sent an auditor to a French Markets store.

At least one Fresh Market shopper was outraged when he found that the state government had intervened to control the store’s milk prices.

No one can seem to put a banker in jail, but sell milk too cheap and regulators are all over you.  What a disgrace.

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  1. Let’s see, has anyone read the Tenth Amendment?

  2. It’s their bottom their bottom, not the states.

  3. LOL you rely dont “ge it ” do you? the goal of the capitalist “system” is to create and maintain “markets” the MAIN enemies of wich are over production and competition* wich are the two main byproducts of “free enterprise”aka what the founders were all up in arms over and atempted to embody in the constution……………. show me the word “capitalist” in that document or where they lay out a “capitalist system” as our econimic enviroment………..it is not there “liberty” is > “capitalisim” not = to it .the constitution ALLOWS for “financial” institutions to “promise” returns and thus accumulate “capital” that must be “invested” in order to provide said return……….but does it acctually endorse such activity? encorage it? no i dont think so at least not to the point of “fractional reserve banking” in wich credit is used insted of actual capital (NO im not a socialist but marx his own self implies that capitalisim IS socialisim and states that “democracy” is the road to comunisim)

    *on the isue of “over production” and this systems antipathy towards it

    during the “great depression” my grand father and his siblings would load up a cart with veggies and push it in to town and atempt to sell them to make some cash…….along with every other rural kid in the county i doubt the mercantile store owners or there lenders thought this was a good thing. no one went hungry but loans got defaulted on……………
    earlier when he was younger BEFORE the “depression” even started
    his dad , my great grand father had been running a small dairy herd and one year had no buyers for the male calfs so he culled them him self and sold the meat in town to the local bucher a few days later a truck was seen on the property and the next day the local sherif showed up and “found” the remains of branded animals in the same area the truck had been seen in , great grampa was arested for “cattle rustling” , eventualy once the driver of the truck was identified by the older brother who saw it he was cleared but that was when the fun started a cross got burned on the front lawn and it was let out around the area that we were to be run out of the county and right out of co. all together at wich point great granpa went STRAIGHT to the local grange “assult weapon” in hand and let it be known that he would be waiting for the next SOB that thought “cross burning” was a fun way to spend an evening……….no the town clowns did NOT say squat or atempt to “charge” him with making “threats” he spent a week on the roof rifle in hand and that was that …………..ask your self what group did the butcher the kkk the sheriff and the local grange have in common? answer the masons/chamber of comerce and why were they pissed off? because some random rube had sold in to THERE market and pushed down the price unexpectedly.

    there can be NO such thing as a “free market” for a staple good that can be “produced” by any body. in a “free enterprise” system competition and over production will in all cases reduse the value of such comodities to levels that render them un marketable.
    thus the “victory garden” is in fact the ENEMY of “capitalisim” understanding this explains the ice raids on raw milk sellers stories like this one farm subsidies lemonaide stand closures….. it is all one thing “control” and the intent is to “create” markets for things that people could and SHOULD produce for themselves like FOOD.

  4. If the store owner would have let your great grandpa bring his products in the store to sell then it wouldn’t have driven any business away from the store they both would have made money but the problem isn’t competition the little is good to help people to get motivated but the real problem is greed and the power to lord over those that the power mongers that be like to wield over all they can some people can’t never have enough money or cars and houses one in every vacation place around and so on, then you get those in political office that get delusions of grandeur and well the rest is our now, and future.

  5. wow just wow.
    The gov’t is the mafia. This is exactly they way price fixing works in NYC.

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