Catalonia Declares Itself a Sovereign Entity: My Thoughts

The overriding trend globally is decentralization, which is the natural reaction to an overly centralized monetary and financial system that has done nothing but enslave the masses while the connected global oligarchs loot everything in sight.  The more the power structure fights this trend, the more chaotic the transition to decentralization will be.  However, decentralization is inevitable no matter how hard these crooks fight to preserve the current system.

From the Associated Press:

MADRID (AP) — The parliament of Spain’s powerful northeastern region of Catalonia has approved a largely symbolic declaration stating the region is a sovereign entity, paving the way for a referendum on independence from Spain.

The proposal was carried Wednesday by 85 votes in favor, with 41 against and two abstentions.

Though symbolic, the declaration sets up a potential showdown with the central government in Madrid, which has said it will block any move toward Catalonian independence in the courts.

I have covered this theme many times in the past.  Here are some of the articles.

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Read the full AP article here.

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  1. I think Americans very easily will understand what it’s happening in Catalonia nowdays, because it is very similar to what happened in their independence process against the English in the 18th century. An oppressive central Gov. that pulls more and more taxes, year after year for more than 30 years with almost no return to catalan taxpayers has lead us to a position of bankrupcy. We have faced for now two years of huge fund cuts that take us to huge unemployement rates, increasing powety rates with no resources to fight againts global crisis and this hilariuos if we consider the fact that we’re one of the richest regions in Europe, in terms of development and GDP. And leaving apart the constant humiliation to Catalans, our culture, our languagge, etc..We have the right to decide what we want to be, moreover when we claim this peacefully and thru all democratic and legal paths. Pls help us spreading and sharing the peaceful will of Catalonia of being the next State in Europe. @danicfo Sant Boi, Barcelona, Catalonia.

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