Mr. President, Please Come to Chicago.

Another powerful article pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of Barack Obama on the gun issue.  The vast majority of gun violence in the country occurs in areas where the citizens are already disarmed and only criminals have guns.  The entire concept of trying to stop crazy people or criminals from doing awful things with guns by passing some law that such people will not adhere to anyway is asinine.  The question Americans must ask is; if we outlawed guns would we become more like Japan or Mexico?  I’d say Mexico, where only the cartels and gangs have them and they terrorize their fellow men and women on a daily basis.

Of course he will not be “coming to Chicago,” it’s so much easier to manipulate people’s emotions on television while reading letters from 3rd graders.  From Real Clear Politics:

In Washington on Wednesday, as you rolled out a slate of gun control measures quickly cobbled together in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, you said, “If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there is even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.”

If you believe those words, Mr. President, here is a heartfelt suggestion: Come back to your adopted hometown and personally host a summit that grapples seriously with the causes of — and crafts meaningful solutions to — gang violence in America’s big cities.

It’s really not much of an exaggeration to say that parts of Chicago resemble a war zone. The numbers are grim. Unofficially, there were 513 homicides in Chicago in 2012, nearly 100 more than New York City, which recorded 414 killings but which has a population three times larger. Chicago’s body count is 200 more than the number of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan last year. The carnage has continued unabated into the New Year.

Consider this, Mr. President: During the first 16 days of January, 26 people have been killed by guns in Chicago — the exact same number as at Sandy Hook Elementary School. By the time this year is out, the south and west sides of the city we both call home will have endured, in terms of sheer numbers of people killed, the equivalent of 20 Sandy Hook massacres. That’s on top of the equivalent of the 19 Sandy Hooks the city experienced in 2012.

The other sad reality, Mr. President, is that almost nothing proposed this week in Washington, D.C., by your administration will do anything to stem the tide of gun violence in our inner cities. Most of these crimes were not committed with semi-automatic assault weapons, they weren’t committed by the mentally ill, and they won’t be stopped by universal background checks.

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  1. He knows. That’s the goal. Obama and people like Michael Moore all have ARMED body guards. Its about raping and plundering more easyly honest citizens. Gangsters like Obama and Michael Moore have no intention of abandoning their armed body guards. Criminals in USA are all excited by gun control. It is a great measure to encourage crime. Its the best proof the Washington DC is THE government of criminals. Like in Mexico.

  2. Hmm, then what is the solution? More guns, right? More guns that trickle down to the gangsters. More guns for kids to find in their dad’s top drawer. More guns to hunt animals with. More guns that launch 15 rounds in under 5 seconds. More guns that totally deter deranged mass murders who expect to die within minutes of their killing spree. More guns that enrich the NRA and the firearms manufacturers. More guns that undermine the authority of law enforcement officers.

    Or maybe you’re suggesting a big kumbaya with all the gang members in Chicago. Maybe you’re suggesting “getting tough” on crime. Maybe we could incarcerate more black men–nearly 1 in 20, while the highest imprisonment rate ever is good, but we could do better. It’s working, right?

    • Lots of questions Jan. Come out with it and state your solution, backed with facts and logic. All you’ve done here is pose snarky questions and hand-wringing stats.

      Here’s mine:

      1. Self defense is a fundamental right.

      2. Criminals, in and out of gov’t, will ALWAYS have guns. A new twist on this: 3D printing.

      3. Gov’ts have killed more of their own people than any other form of premature death in the last century.

      Given 2 & 3, point 1 implies that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, as was insisted upon by the freedom-minded colonists before they would approve the constitution.

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