Amazing Video: The Great Awakening of U.S. Soldiers

Don’t show me one side and tell me it’s patriotism, it’s courageous.  Nothing I did in Iraq was courageous.

– Kyle Snyder, Iraq Veterans Against the War

I was bombarded by a range of wild emotions while watching this video.  Sadness, hope and resolve were felt almost simultaneously.  The dominant feeling; however, was hope.  These misled, abused and brave young men are taking matters into their own hands in an attempt to inform the public and their fellow active duty soldiers about the truth of the oligarch-fueled wars for profit and the Petrodollar we are enmeshed in.  This is also why the establishment wants the population disarmed.  We are awakening to their matrix of deception en masse.

Please take the 11 minutes.  It’s worth it.

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  1. dude this is OLD becarfull of adam k , he got himself tangled up with the webster tarply personality cult and helped them torpedo ron paul and set off the anti rand paul atacks that went on right around the bilderberg meeting last year and are still dogging the senator to this day HE is the reason that rand cut contact with “we are change” right around that time , sence then he has fadad in to the back ground YES he talks a good game BUT in the end he has been a “usefull idiot” for the PTB it was truly sad to wach ( check out the expressions on his face as he feeds prearanged “questions” to tarpass , he knew he had jumped in to a shak tank……… he had just lost his ride at RT at the start of RTs purge of “libritarians” and needed a paying gig , that is the time line and based on what i saw in that interview this guy has ISUES that he needs to resolve before he gains any real influence agin even the vets have been keeping him at arms length sence he fliped out and started ATACKING the liberty movement at EXACTLY the moment the PTB needed it to self destruct the feasco that insued splintered the political momentom and prevented RP from having a larger impact at the convention one has to assume he was either in on that atack OR used by tarply either way one can’t take this guy at face value

  2. Excellent video, these guys get it, but how to convince the hundreds of thousands of other soldiers and potential future soldiers that will get tangled up in future wars, particularly the ‘Great African Adventure’ that is just getting started? The US used to be respected around the world, now it is hated, how can this be a good thing?

  3. Its a little bit too late. A reminder Obama can simply order the assasination of any American. No questions asked. Once disarmed this US soldier will be taken care off by this banana republic dictator. I am more and more convinced that the kill list of this fascist government is about to be expanded a lot, specially after seizing the weapons. The US bill of rights today is worh less than used toilet paper.

    • All these people will be disarmed and murdered by Presidential decree. Its karmic law. Americans are about to be treated the same way as in Irak. Well more slowly but dont worry, the mass murderers in Washington DC are putting everything in place. These soldiers, all of them will be taken care of. Either sent to psychiatric institute, a FEMA camp or 6 feet under. Naturally bla bla bla bla, these things only happen in Germany or Russia.

    • unapologetically ugly american

      @marc authier STFU looser your not even american what is any of this to you?

      @mike an example of how the “keisers” actually feel about libritarians , liberty , and the liberty movement.
      max LOVES to pick random negitive sotries about econimics and the enviroment and blame them on libritarians………..starting to feel the point of the blade poking you between the shoulder blades?or had you been aware that they laugh at you behind your back?

      “Marc Authier” here trools there regular like to defame america in the most ignorant and intelligence insulting terms possable
      Marc Authier | November 22, 2012 at 4:10 am |

      And Greenpeace for example should sue the US government and Monsanto for contaminating Nature threatening biodiversity of the Planet. USA is really an horrible country and Americans are the most disgusting peope on Earth when it comes to food.

      @marky marc yea……so we can ALL see what you and the “keisers” are about, let them know kdt said HI and hope there enjoying cencering there show and all there “boards” deleting posts, banning posters and to keep up the good work i would not want the truth to cost them there ride at RT like happened to lauren lister over at “capital account”.

  4. America is gone. The muslims know that we will be treated as iraqii. We forsake the God of our people who fpunded this free land. We are now the slaves of evil feudal powers who love darkness. I opposed deeply the iraq slaughter. I almost paid with my life. Not many helped me. Lame protests is what I was urged to do. What idiocy. Make your bed and lay in it.
    The matrix is the work of non humans who hate allyhe goodnesss of life.

    • Karmic Law. Never do to others what you wouldnt like to be done to you. Its in the Bible and also Buddhism. USA is a treat to world peace and democracy. Americans are retards. Some of you still dont get it and they will follow Wall Street Nazis until the end. It will end the same way with WW III.

  5. I certainly disagree with the wars, banker elite, and cronyism… but these guys sound like they’re against legitimate business all together… “you can’t fire anyone, even if it’s profitable”… Maybe I’ve misinterpreted… I have numerous friends and family that fought in Iraq. I also, don’t believe because you signed up and fought for a year, 2, or 3 that you should be able to collect a pension the rest of your life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful. But the people that signed up were paid (and no, contractors shouldn’t even be hired), received free education, among whatever other benefits. If they were injured, yes, ALL medical expenses should be covered. And they should be able to buy a “Veterans” health insurance at a reasonable cost, and you could go on and off and never be unqualified. Not sure if that happens no? Doubtful… The “troops” in the American Revolution fought for freedom, many who were very well off, lost everything, including their lives… All worthy Veterans should be respected, not because everything they did was “honorable” but because they put their lives on the line and signed up to risk their lives for what the thought would be honorable things. Some did it because they needed a job or didn’t have any other options, regardless… #Respect is deserved.

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