Google Trends: “Democide” Goes Parabolic

No matter what you think of Alex Jones and his performance with Piers Morgan on CNN last night, the most important point is that he was invited on the show to begin with.  This is just further proof that the dinosaur mainstream media channels are dying and are being forced to invite alternative media personalities on their shows to increase ratings.  The alternative media is becoming the media.

Meanwhile, Alex told viewers while on air to google “democide” and you can see the results below. According to Wikipedia: “Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel as the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder. In the 20th century, democide passed war as the leading cause of non-natural death (according to Rummel).”

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  1. I must confess I am rather disappointed with Alex. He was given a wonderful opportunity to blow the doors of people’s minds with facts and logic and possibly awaken a few people. Instead, he ranted and raved and shouted and screamed and essentially made himself look exactly like the Establishment wants him to: a psych-ward patient filled with ‘crazy ideas’ desperately in need of more medication. He gave Morgan all the power, who remained docile and calm, while hollering and jumping off topic frequently. This was a major opportunity for him and many in the alternative media out there gaining access to the mainstream. He may have actually done more harm than good. As a trader, I do not rely upon hope or prayers for what I see in front of me, but I really had a lot of hope for his chance to awaken many out there to the realities of what is going on in America. All he did was confirm to the TV-drones that tune into that twit Morgan, is that these things ‘cannot be possibly happening.’ His behavior caused the show to change its format and he ruined the chance to have a debate between himself and Dershowitz and Morgan. So, that opened the door for them to verbally assault his lunacy in a calm and collected manner. Just what the Sheeple want to hear. “Everything is fine. Do not pay attention to the wild man waving his arms and shouting and bellowing insane ideas. Your government is here to help you. Do not be afraid.”

    We need more level-headed members of this movement, like Mike to lead the charge to holding civil, rational, well-intended debates with Pro-Establishment cronies like Morgan. Not shouting matches filled with inconsistent dialogue and rabid behavior.

    • Hap, you nailed it. Alex came across as a nutcase on the verge of staging his own shooting incident.

    • After the way Piers treated Larry Pratt, I don’t blame Alex for not giving them an inch. He knew he had a short amount of time to say as many thing as he could. As off the wall as he was, tons of people out there who had never heard of him, went straight to their computer and Googled the things he said.

      Do you guys really think that Piers Morgan and Alan Dershowitz would have allowed there to be any kind of real debate if Alex had kept his cool

      They would have continued spouting off their fake facts about guns and violence in our country, and asking worthless questions to make it look like they actually care about the children, and violence in our country.

      It may have been their intention to make him look like a kook, but when has Alex ever been calm? I used to think he was a kook, but I don’t anymore. I think he is mad as hell about what is happening about in our country, and he has the guts to say it, with no apologies.

      If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. Get mad, grow a pair, and get something done. At least Alex is doing something.

    • Was Alex Jones put on that program to make 2nd Amendment backers look crazy? Who knows?

    • I disagree. Honest debate is not possible within CNN timeframe. The 3rd part would be equally split between three of them just for talking points. LOGIC cannot persuade neither socialist-progressives nor religious collectivists. They think with heart. Alex Jones did the correct thing – he did not let Morgan to go over the script. That is in itself a revolution considering Alex’s calm ending with British accent.

    • You know what Alex may not have behaved perfectly, but who does? And look at Pierce, even though some may think he was behaving perfectly he is still a lying mouthpiece of the NWO who does not care about us. Actually Alex’s performance was perfect for me, because it let me know he is real. I have behaved the same exact way before in the past when confronted with lies and someone was trying to make me submit to them. God gave us anger to protect ourselves from Danger.
      People like pierce cannot be negotiated with any longer. We know their agenda and unless we start treating people like him and Obama as the traitors they are we will end up submitting to them by being passive. These people are out to steal or country, our way of life and our very lives themselves. WE BETTER GET MAD, because if we dont we are in huge trouble very soon

  2. gallopinglibertarian

    What Alex Jones did was make the term Democide go viral. Google it like he said. Track it but most of all spread the word about with the weblinks below. It is our best argument against gun control by far.
    This is the largest database of Democide death/murder by government on the net after disarmament.262,000,000 million slaughtered by their own governments.6 times more murdered by their own governments than those killed in ALL THE WARS IN THE LAST CENTURY COMBINED. Think about for a minute. Are you going to turn in any weapon if they are banned? Anyone that says “Oh but that could never happen here, this is the USA” is historically unaware.
    Democide is the best argument against any kind of restrictions or gun bans of any kind in my opinion.

  3. Agree that Alex missed an opportunity here. The facts are on our side. Alex made himself look like a crazy man. Ron Paul would never act like that no matter how bad a hit piece was. I’ll never forget his being asked how he could be a defender of the Constitution and also want to amend the constitution. His reply? Amending the Constitution IS Constitutional. No hysterics or arm waiving from Dr Paul. Just polite reasoning and a refusal to be drawn in to baloney arguments.

  4. A lot of people think Alex is a plant by TPTB and after seeing that I’m inclined to agree.

    • The main reason I stopped listening to him, yes the “facts” he gives are logical and make sense but the format he provides them in and all the over the top shouting and mouth foaming are just too much to bare

    • I agree. Try listening to Free Talk Live on XM or the Liberty News Network (you can find it on ITunes Radio).

      Alex does not have to be the monopoly on the voice for liberty on the radio.

  5. Alex Jones is the Pied Piper of Extremism. He is a COINTELPRO agent designed to lead the ignorant, frustrated and disenfranchised up the proverbial garden path. Best case scenario; He may not be consciously aware he is playing into the very hands he supposedly despises. He is one of the planted/selected opposition detailed in the 12th Protocol of Zion regarding control of the press. They need Alex to vector his audience towards violent ends. They need an inarticulate, angry, dogmatic, irrational and emotionally charged individual as their fighting platform.

    Violence is precisely what the Government needs to further their agenda. They will respond with ever more violence and enact even more liberty stripping laws. All supported vehemently by the petrified zombie masses.

  6. Word is,, Alex had a cup of coffee right before the show that was druged. Anyone knows Alex is a little wired anyway,, and how else better to push him and his view over the edge than a few tabs of speed in his coffee 20 minutes before the show..

  7. * feminized americans, just weak kneed dumbed down politically correct nitwits. Passion comes from suffering, from being lied to, abused and seeing the evil surrounding. Should Alex be a “politician” like R Paul or a citizen who is fed up with all the wars, false flags and life in nut house usa. Go Alex!

  8. Zionism is destroying the world

  9. Alex is not COINTELPRO or a “plant.” For folks who have just woken up in the last several years and decided that “because of his style” he is a plan of the NWO or PTB, you need to do more research. Go back to the 1990’s when Alex first started on cable access TV in Austin TX. He said the same things back then as he says now! He openly urges people AGAINST violence and nothing I’ve heard him say has been substantially wrong and I’ve listened to him for years (after spotting that Glenn Beck was a fraud and not telling the “whole truth”).

    Is he bombastic? Yes. Does he exaggerate? Yes. Is he loud? Yes. WHO CARES. No, he’s not a Ron Paul (there isn’t another one, folks!), but he’s not a “plant” of the PTB either ….. seriously………

    • John the only thing more amusing than the 100% staged “confrontation” between Alex and Piers are the subsequent back-breaking, gravity defying rationalizations of Alex Jones coming from people such as yourself.

      I love the irony of the line “you need to do more research” when the person using it has clearly not done enough of his or her own.

      I will help you out. Go watch The Secret Right Vol 1, Vol .2 by Josh Reeves for an introduction. Spoiler alert, the last scene in the second volume is Ron Paul and Rick Perry giving each other a special handshake after one of the Republican debates.

      But since people like you need to be led, can’t think for yourselves, and thus require to have a representative for your beliefs, the system will always provide one, whether it be Ron Paul, Alex Jones, or any of the other stooges.

      None of you understand long-term strategy and thus cannot comprehend why AJ would be useful in his role. Stop being an apologist for this fake patriot movement.

      Alex Jones is controlled opposition. If you can’t see that even after last night you are an idiot, plain and simple. Face the facts like a grown up, mature adult. Or just play right into there hands and co-conspire to create the divide and conquer atmosphere that the tyranny thrives in.

  10. Well said John.Liberty is about individualism.There is only one Alex Jones.If you don’t like him then keep your mind closed and don’t listen to him.

  11. Alex Jones, hate or love him, he put it out there. Now its up to you to look the data up for yourself to prove or disprove. That’s what this is all about. People are complaining about Alex’s delivery, but its effective. Look at all the web traffic it has generated. Sure much of that is to see the crazy man, but if that wakes up anyone in any numbers to what is going on, then it is a success. Those that have been awakened aren’t going back to sleep. Those that get pushed further into their trance and don’t try to inform themselves never had a chance of waking up in the first place. The democide numbers should scare the crap out of you. If they don’t then, then you must be on some strong pain killers or something. The numbers of deaths by gov are just gut wrenching, and this info pretty much remains unreported by the main stream media. I wasn’t a fan of AJ and that debate he had with Pierce certainly did not make me a fan. But I did google democide and looked the numbers up to see what he was talking about. All I can say is don’t let the media talking heads dictate your reality. Unless you’re living under a rock, we’ve all experienced media spin in one form or another. You democrats out there like to point out how Fox does it. You republicans out there like to point out how MSNBC and CNN does it. The reality is they all do it. Gone are the days of honest journalism. Inform yourself. Try to get info as close to the raw data as possible and make your own minds. These journalists are not smarter then you. Hardly any of them even do their own field work anymore. They are more worried about their make up. Example, want to know the real numbers regarding firearms and crime, go check out the stats on the FBI site. Don’t trust pierce morgan or that idiot Geraldo or any other media talking head regardless if they have a left or right bias. There is no more left or right, democrat or republican. There is only inside or outside. And we the people are on the outside and will continue to get screwed by the insiders until we wake the hell up.

    • The problem with your argument is the implication that understanding the things Alex Jones vomits into your mind = awake. It’s trauma-based mind control and all this is doing is exposing MORE people to it.

      It’s fear porn 24/7 with no viable solutions and as this thread shows most people are not smart enough to snap out of it – which of course is why it is so dangerous, and why they would eventually put him on CNN.

      WAKE UP.

    • I don’t agree that it is effective. I think it is damaging to the average person out there. He comes across as a lunatic. He could have taken a lesson from Larry Pratt, and how he handled Peirs’s attempts to get him to go over the edge. The information he delivered will only be ridiculed by the people who see it.

      I don’t think he is a plant, but he always says he shouts and screams because HE believes it is more effective to “wake people up”). Acting like a lunatic angry person and behaving the way he did in that “debate” will probably only hurt the cause of freedom.

  12. For the most part, I read “I can’t kill the message, so I’ll try to kill the messenger”…

  13. People need to get over AJ’s hot blooded personality and concentrate on the facts. Being ok with a gentlemanly brit that lies to your face every night and treats you with pleasant manners while he’s banging you up the you know what and stealing your rights and money blind without you even knowing it is ridiculous. That’s the English way. This is America. In your face and you will know it.

  14. there is actually a movie with Alex Jones, just found it by digging around:

  15. For the most part you are on the ball Mike. Keep up the good work brother.

  16. One thing in defense of AJ, Piers Morgan is immune to logic and civil arguments. The segment with the Marine that wrote the letter to Feinstein proved that. No matter how logical Joshua Boston was Morgan went ahead anyway. A waste of time. At least Jones got some attention. No matter how civil or logical you are Morgan will ignore those arguments.

  17. paranoid lunatic…. your table for one is ready.

  18. I think Alex did really well not to let Piers have any control in the interview whatsoever, sure he was angry but if your not angry then you clearly don’t understand the situation we’re all in. I think he made Piers look quite foolish, especially when he brought up the scandals involving him back here in Britain. Piers looked like a whimpering idiot whereas Alex got many clear points across, the only way he could, by shouting over the bullshit coming from Piers

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