Swedish Consumers Get Served Fake Beef

This story fits in perfectly with my post yesterday Inflation Hits Coffee as Brewers Secretly Swap Robusta for Arabica, in the sense that as the cost of real food and quality items soars, the tendency will be to simply replace real goods with fake goods.  It’s one thing to buy a fake handbag, it’s quite another to discover your meat has been dyed pink to look like something it’s not.  “American as apple pie” is soon to be replaced with “American as biotech salmon.”  From UPI:

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Jan. 5 (UPI) — About 95.5 tons of pork cuts dyed to look like beef have been imported to Sweden, and about 70 ton of it have already been sold, official say.

The fake beef was imported into Sweden for two years and sold at grocery stores nationwide, The Local.se reported.

“When we examined the meat we found traces of syringes,” said Narving.

A National Food Agency investigation confirmed the meat was pork that had been dyed pink to resemble beef.

Eat up!

Full article here.

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  1. You’ve been served serfs !

  2. Big lawsuit waiting to happen here in the case of religious convictions, or worse yet, someone who may have been allergic to pork…

  3. yes indeed – and thanks for the link to Alex Jones destroying p. Morgan ! – watch it indeed, Alex must be congratulated for not giving an inch and standing up for Liberty – thanks Liberty Blitzkrieg, Love conquers All

  4. What other foodstuffs on sale in our supermarkets have been ‘doctored’ in this way to keep the profits of the producers high? What damage is being done to our health, above and beyond that which they normally do anyway, to maintain the food manufacturers profits?

  5. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists

    Well Americans and stupid colonized Canadian eat fake Monsanto corn. Round Up glyphosate patent on GMO corn and soya by Monsanto is considered and classified by the FDA mass murderers as a herbicide and insecticide. USA love to eat Zyclon B pesticides. Why not Swedes since they are so pro WASP and pro USA ? Google glyphosate toxicity and what Dr Don Huber, 55 years experience in bacteriological warfare and food Purdue University researcher has to say about MonSatan Monsanto. Hell raising ! All scientific facts by the way. USA is not a country its a criminal cartel.

  6. Alzheimer’s disease is starting to resemble the human prion disease variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It’s believed to be caused by a prion which typically infects cattle, and is transmitted through infected meat. Prions will not disappear even if the beef containing them is cooked. It usually takes 10 years for signs of infection in humans. I guess what I’m saying is, enjoy your next PizzaHut Meat Lover’s Population Control Pizza with extra Prions!

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