Alex Jones to Debate Piers Morgan Live Tonight!

This is guaranteed to give Piers’ show its highest ratings ever.  Time to dust of the TV and watch some fireworks!


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    Maybe that little Pommie twat can explain why Sandy Hook was a hoax and where all the children went?

  2. Epic! That pathetic excuse for a red coat didn’t like the idea of his sponsors getting called OHHH SNAP!

  3. Sorry Krieger, like most of what you have to say but this Jones guy couldn’t debate his way out of a paper bag. Any jackass can yell and scream. Bring some facts to the table.

  4. . Its clear that its not about protecting orfinary people. The Wall Street Nazis are running scared. The Washington corrupted poodles like Obama are also scared of the We The People. If all those pseudo liberals scum from Hollywood were serious about violence, they would also demand disarming the Pentagon and the CIA and a massive cut in war spending. Alex Jones is 100% right here. Its not about protecting ordinary people. Obama and his bunch of criminals is trying to do exactly the same thing as Bush did with 911. And yes 911 was an inside job. Its fantastic that Alex Jones reminded to listeners that 911 was a terrorist act organized by criminal elements in the US government and in the Pentagon. Americans are finaally maybe not the imbeciles I used to think they were after all. There is hope !

  5. I thought it was hilarious! Alex Jones is a little off the deep end but there’s no doubt he’s right about everything he said. I have to give him credit where credit is due. I admired his hammering away at that British clown. Good times!

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